New round of our “Behind The Scenes” section! We love sharing with you the methodology we use to create our animated explainer videos.


We are convinced that the only way to produce high quality customized videos is by working with a high level of detail in every step of the production process, and by being transparent about how we do it.

Just like we've previously talked about the script, the storyboard, the style frames and the soundtrack, today we want to focus on a key role every video production company relies on. The partner of each client; his co-worker. We're talking about the account manager. Let's get to know him first-hand!

What is the Account Manager up to?

Nothing suspicious, don’t worry. Quite the contrary, the account manager is the main contact the client has within the video production company. He is responsible for furthering the project and fulfilling requirements in due course.  But let's see what our account manager usually does on a daily basis, so that you can have a clear idea on how important the role of this strategic partner of yours is.


1) Leads the Relationships With Our Clients

The account manager is part of the video production team, but at the same time he's your key collaborator and the one who will do his best to accomplish the goals based on your needs. That´s why he becomes, in a way, your go-to-resource, and also has the responsibility to ask the right questions at the right time, lead the project smoothly, set up a fluent dialogue with you -client- and be a “visible face” and a daily interlocutor for you.

2) Collects Your Feedback

Having  fluid communication with our clients is a must for us, in order to achieve the best results. The person in charge of keeping this back-and-forth interaction with the client is the account manager. He has to collect all the necessary information so that the animated explainer video is fully customized according to your needs (he does this by looking into your marketing goals, the product / service itself, the target audience you aim for, your competition, and many other aspects). He also passes your feedback on to the rest of the team, regarding any adjustments that should be made in any stage of the video production process.

3) Coordinates the Team Work

The account manager also coordinates the daily work of the whole video production team (illustrators, animators, voice-over talents, art director, draftsmen, scriptwriters, etc.). He works closely with the team to ensure the timely and successful delivery of your video.


4) Manages Resources

Our account manager is also responsible for overseeing the different production stages and ensuring that all the resources are working synergically and according to the timetable. He is also in charge of clearing any hindrances that might arise during the process.

As you can see, this person has a key role during the entire video production process. Our account managers always work hand in hand with our clients and have fluent communication with them so as to fully understand their expectations and achieve the best results.

Remember that the animated video production process has many stages in which different professionals do their bit to ensure the quality, and it's essential to have one interlocutor that channels and ensures the clarity and coherency of communication. The account manager is that person.

Wait! Don't you know what the different stages implied in the video production process are? Download this free slide to see how it works! We also invite you to keep on surfing our blog.


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