Tracking, testing and measuring your video marketing efforts is a must. There really is no strategy without this stage, because it’s the only way you'll be able to make the necessary adjustments to your campaign and ensure it's 100% aligned with your goals.

Regarding video marketing performance specifically, it´s not just about tracking the number of views your video gets. You need to go further and consider a set of indicators that will let you make the right decisions.

At Yum Yum Videos we have our own methodology: we think that the best way to have an integral vision of our videos performance is by using different tracking platforms that complement each other. Today we want to show you what our perfect mix is. Let´s get behind the scenes!


How We Do It

Basically, we use 5 different platforms to track the metrics we care about. This is an interesting mix, since it gives us the chance to analyze how our explainer videos are performing in different channels and social networks, including our own website. Let's go over them:


Wistia is not only our hosting video partner.  We could say that it´s also the main tracking platform we use to evaluate the performance of our videos. Besides the basic information, it has a robust analytics system and offers many different customization options, such as player controls to skins, social sharing buttons to maximize video reach, and email marketing tool integration. One of our favorite features about Wistia are the Heat Maps, which let us understand which part of our videos are more attractive for our audience, and the engagement graphs, to understand some basic audience trends.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to evaluate how our videos are impacting the performance of our website. We generally track metrics such as time-on-page, bounce rate, average session time, percentage of new sessions, page views, page / visit and traffic sources. We also use Analytics to get a wide overview of our audience demographics and statistics of mobile users. Another useful alternative is by analyzing how the videos on-page influence audience behaviour.


Tip: would you like to know if the video you've embedded in your website is effective? Check that!


By using YouTube's analytics tool, we can analyze several specific metrics such as the number of views over time, the different sources of traffic, what our audience demographics and geographical variations of our audience are, and more. We also use it to get data on playback locations and understand where our videos are being viewed. YouTube is also great to use to check the level of user engagement our videos are triggering by analyzing shares, comments, reviews and likes.

Tip: would you like to learn more about YouTube's video performance tracker? Check out this article.


Facebook Insights also provides us with interesting data about our videos. We generally take out information about organic and paid views, unique versus repeat views, and even auto-plays versus click-to-plays. We also use Insights to get detailed metrics about engagement and even audience retention on this specific social platform.  This is highly important since it enables us to analyze at which specific point our audience starts to lose interest. We recommend it!



Although it can be more basic than others, video analytics on Twitter is also a useful tool, since it enables us to access the stats about the videos we've tweeted. We can see, for instance, how often our users watched our videos and how many completed watching them. We also use it to compare the breakout of organic versus paid video views.

Always remember to track your video’s performance to check if you're on the right track! We suggest that you also read this blog post with more useful information about video analytics. Enjoy it!

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