Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-TEAMWORK-730291-edited.jpgDid you know that making a custom animated marketing video is a complex procedure that involves the work of specialists from many areas?


From conceiving the general idea to having your video ready to publish online, find out what it takes to make a rocking animated video that will take your brand to the next level!

Writing a Killer Script

You should start off the explainer video production process with a script: This is thought of as the backbone of your video. It contains the “what”, this is to say, the message you want to communicate to your audience.
A professional writer will produce a script that is simple to understand and short, but still succinct and entertaining. If you want to know more about scriptwriting, you can download our free eBook, How to write an animated marketing video script and learn every detail!


The storyboard is the “how” moment of the animated video production process. It defines the visual aspects of the video, the way in which the story in the script will look. A storyboard is a sketch of the main actions that will happen!
Storyboards also let you picture camera shots and transitions, so it’s key to getting a clear idea of what everything will look like when the video is finished.
Amazing storyboards are created by professional directors, with experience in film and arts or graphic design.
For instance, check out Ubiety’s marketing video storyboard.

See how it is so visually descriptive?

And now watch the final video!


The voiceover is the off-screen voice of the narrator who explains what has been written in the script. In a fairytale, it would be the voice that starts the story by saying “Once upon a time…”
A professional animated video will star the voice of a professional narrator, selected to have the right style and accent of the area where your explainer video will be targeted towards. This will count for more engagement from your audience!
Can you pick out the Aussie accent in Wallabuy’s video?

To learn more about why voiceovers are so important in your videos, read our blog post on Why Voiceovers Really Matter.


Illustrations are the graphic elements that appear in the video and will be animated afterwards.
The look of the characters, what typography will be used and what scenery will be displayed are all defined in this stage.  How the characters look will greatly depend on what animated video style you choose!
Professional videos are created with a team of graphic designers, who will portray your brand’s visual style to ensure optimal branding. See how well it worked out for Gigtown:


Animation is what makes your video look alive! In this stage, elements are given motion to simulate the illusion of life.
A team of expert animators will ensure everything will look as lively and as natural as possible. Characters will be moving constantly and transitions will complement the video smoothly.
Animation is really complex, this is why it is one of the stages that takes more time! If you want to know more about video production timing, discover how long it takes to make an animated explainer video.

Music and Sound Effects

We’ve got images, motion and voiceovers… it’s time to add some spark to the listening experience of your video! Music and sound effects will help you enhance its overall perception.
Editing the music, mixing those fx and making the final video adjustments will reinforce the outcome and make the message clearer.
Voilà! Your video is ready to move the masses!

So, what do you think? Are you ready to make your very own explainer video now? You sure are! You just need to know what type of animated marketing video company is best for you. But don’t worry, our super informative eBook has got you covered just on that. Enjoy the read!

how to choose the right explainer video company


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