Communication is a key ingredient in every explainer video recipe. 


To get the best results, the client and the video production company have to be 100% aligned and share  constant back and forth feedback.

Every stage of the video production process has to “go with the flow”, so that the video production company, who has the specific know-how, can access all the necessary information to create the video, while the client, who has specific needs, can be satisfied with the final results.

Getting the client's feedback in every stage of the process is the only path we can take to make the animated explainer video that our customer needs. To make things easier, we follow a simple process that allows us to receive the feedback in different key stages. Read on and learn how we work!

Creative Brief

As a first step, we send our clients a creative brief for them to fill, so we can understand in depth the business, the specific service or product, target audience and competitors, and to also identify their marketing goals.

Tip: would you like to know what this document is about? Check out this article in which we review every single detail!

Kick Off Meeting

Secondly, we set up a kick off meeting with the Account Manager, the scriptwriter and the client to define, and refine, the message that has to be delivered.


3-Step Process

To make the communication flow happen, we work with a simple and organized 3-step process through which the client will be able to make suggestions and discuss any possible changes.

Every step has two rounds of changes, so that they can share with us the revisions, adjustments and improvements that need to be implemented. And hey! We won´t move on until we are all happy with the results!

Every stage needs to be perfect before moving on, because this is the only way to ensure that the next stage is optimal too. But there's another good reason: it's also vital to make sure that the work is done in due time and proper form and quality.

Now, let's review the 3 key stages of the process:

Stage I – MESSAGE - based on the client's marketing goals, the brand’s personality and target audience, we craft the script that delivers a clear and compelling message.

Stage II – STORYTELLING - we create the storyboard, record the voice-over and design 3 style frames that will give our client the chance to see what the final video will look like.

Stage III – DEVELOPMENT – we create all the illustrations, characters and animations, we add some music and sound effects, and the video is ready!


To complement this information, we invite you to download this free infographic to better understand the video production process.

Finally, remember that, after developing your video and placing it in key spots, you should track its performance and make any necessary adjustments. Review these tips and learn how you can take your video marketing metrics to the next level!


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