Do you know what style frames are and why they are so important during the animated video production process? We've already talked about two other key stages when making an explainer video: writing the script, and creating the storyboard.

Now it's time to understand how style frames can make a huge difference in achieving a great result.



The animated video production process has different stages, each one of them has its own raison d'être. Every phase is essential for you to give your vendor the right feedback at the right time and assure the best results.

Talking about style frames specifically, this is the moment when the aesthetics of your video are captured. We could refer to them as high resolution frames of the storyboard (like still pictures of the final video) that include end-quality graphics and characters, as they will appear on screen.

See the following examples so that you can have a clear idea of what we're talking about:  



Every animated production company has its own process and methodology, but style frames are -or should be- essential in all the explainer videos production for many reasons:

  • They work as a tangible form of your feedback: style frames are a clear proof for you to understand if the vendor you're working with has really understood the feedback you provided.
  • They help you visualize the overall look & feel and flow of your video: as style frames work as pre-visualizations, they're great for you to use to evaluate the final visual version of your animated marketing video before it's done.
  • They're vital to use to anticipate any problem that may arise and help you meet deadlines on time (Psst! Pay attention! This is probably one of the most important tips) As this is the last stage in which you can provide your vendor with feedback before the first cut is done, take the necessary time to make sure the message, colors, style and general feel are 100% aligned with your expectations. Have in mind that after this, your video production company will move into the “animation stage”, and once this phase has begun, making adjustments will end up being much more expensive in time, cost, and energy invested. Again: if you feel that something could be missing, or that something just doesn't fit, let your vendor know before they start working on the animation of the video.

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As you can see, style frames are a great resource to use to see the big picture of how your video will look before it's finished.

And now, let's uncover the mystery! We couldn't be so mean so as to finish this blog post without showing you the final result of those style frames we've just presented! See how cool the final cut looks:

Would you like to keep on learning about the video production process? We invite you to download this infographic that will show you the whole process at a glance. Enjoy it!


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