The voice-over is literally the most human aspect of an explainer video. And, just like we do with any other stage of our animated video production process, at Yum Yum Videos we focus on paying attention to every single detail so that our clients can get the best results out of it.

We're aware of how important the voice-over is and we want to share with you some basic concepts that might help you choose the right talent for your video. Check out these tips!


Get emotional

Think about how you want your audience to feel when they're watching the video. Confident? Excited? Hopeful? Happy? Inspired? The voice-over talent can imbue any of these emotions to your explainer video as a whole and also to specific segments of it, and he/she can also “play” with different tones, pauses and inflections to trigger the desired effect. So ask yourself what the goal of your video content is and what the tone you need to set up is to make it highly effective.

Focus on your audience

Have in mind that what could work well -in your opinion- may not resonate with the audience you'll be talking to. Hence, choose the voice-over talent by having in mind your viewer's age, gender, ethnicity, style and any other factor that could play a crucial role.


Animated video production for "CIRCUPRESS" by Yum Yum Videos.

Imbue character

A professional voice-over artist also injects personality to your video. With his/her voice you can make it even more compelling, interesting, convincing and engaging than what you could without using the correct and custom selected voice-over. What your viewers will hear will bring them closer to the message you want to deliver.

Exude confidence

Choose a voice-over that your audience can believe in. Hire a native speaker of your target audience´s country that can transmit confidence and trust. Remember that the voice can be highly persuasive, so if you use it the right way, you can make your viewer's feel closer to the story you're telling. Additionally, a convincing voice can help you a lot if it remarks the Call To Action in your video.

Choose a true talent

As we always say, your video represents your brand. So, just like with any other element, if the voice-over is of bad quality, not custom or well chosen, you´ll certainly be damaging your brand´s image. How your video sounds will reflect how you explain your product and -ultimately- overall how well  your brand is presented. Your potential customers will judge your video and draw conclusions based on what they see and also HEAR.

Make it memorable

When you pick a voice talent try to think for  the long term. Think that, in a way, the voice-over will be representing your brand and your product and changing it for every video you produce will not be beneficial at all. Want a piece of advice? Find one voice-over(or two, if you want more versatility depending on the video) and stick with he/she.

To sum up, it´s vital that you take some time to choose the right voice-over talent: define your marketing goals, think about who you'll be talking to, the message you want to pass on and the tone you want to set. Evaluate different samples and choose the one that best matches your criteria. If you're working with a video production company, these tips will also help you a lot to evaluate if the voice-over professional is talented enough to meet your expectations and needs.


If you want, you can check out the voice-over artists that work with us and learn about the versatility you can expect. Or, instead, go one step further and learn how the storyboard process goes and why it's so important when creating an animated marketing video. Enjoy these tips


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