Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-PENCILS-thumbOh the script! Without it there just couldn’t be an animated explainer video. The script is the basis of any kind of audiovisual material, from Hollywood movies to animated marketing videos.

This is precisely why writing a good script is so important in order for an explainer video to be a great one. And that’s exactly what we will teach you to do here today!


Keep on reading to learn the 5 best explainer video scriptwriting tips that will make you heal from those video marketing headaches you may have!


1. Use the classical script structure

Even Hollywood has a guide to do things. Most commercial films are made following the classic script structure, which consists of writing everything and separating it into three major acts: beginning, middle and end.

For an animated marketing video, we suggest you do the same. After all, this is a technique that will never make you lose. Nevertheless, our tip is to add a tiny little twist to it (just as we do it!) and make your marketing video scriptwriting in this way:

● Beginning or “What”: Write “What” your audience’s problem is. The focus here has to always be on your target audience and nothing else. You have to let the audience know you understand them and that you’re aware of their needs.

● Middle or “How”: This is the moment to explain “How” your product or service can solve the problem your audience has. You can present your brand as the savior of the day. Bear in mind that this part usually begins when you name you brand for the first time or when you show your logo.

● End or “Why”: You already said “What” the problem is and “How” you can solve it, now it’s time to convince the viewers by telling them “Why” your brand is the best option among the competition. It’s only here when you can say your product’s features, everything else before this must be entirely about your target.

One more tip you should know to avoid headaches is that there are times when the “How” and the “Why” can be the same thing. Don’t worry if this is your case, it happens more often than you believe.

Watch this animated video we made and tell us if you can notice when all three different stages:




2. Your target is the most important

We believe this is one of the most significant tips we can give you, because once you understand how important is it to focus entirely on your target audience, the are more chances you’ll have to succeed at writing your marketing video script.

It’s understandable that, as what you want is to promote your brand, you’re tempted to make your script about your product or service. But this would be a big mistake and will create even more headaches.

When writing, make sure to focus mainly on your audience’s problem and on how you can solve those issues. Also remember that your audience should be represented in the video, this way it will be easier to create an emotional bond within your target and your brand, and this -eventually- will make your sales increase.

See how we represented the potential customers and showcased the brand only after developing the audience’s problem:




3. Don’t make it too long

One of the best qualities thesemarketing videos have is that they’re wonderful for explaining things in a short and simple way. So our tip for you here is: keep it like that!

As short and simple as your script is, the more effective the animated marketing video will be.

So what would be the perfect amount of time? It should be long enough so you can deliver your business idea while convincing the audience without boring them. In our experience, making hundreds of animated videos, 90 seconds will work well, this -in paper- translates to around 240 written words.

Note that one minute of video is approximately 160 words, read at the right speed, neither slow nor fast.

Watch in this example how just 30 seconds were enough to say everything there was to say:




4. Don’t over do it

Simplicity is what’s best, this is our best explainer video tip here for you.

Remember that we want the marketing video to be short in order to not receive dropped views, this is why you shouldn’t add a whole lot of information in just a few seconds.

Don’t try to explain everything about your product or service, but just what’s necessary. When writing your animated marketing video script, get straight to the point. Later on, once you’ve caught the viewers’ interest, you’ll have plenty of time to give a bigger explanation by another form of media.


5. Ask for an action to be taken

This last tip will surely relieve your video marketing headaches. Why? Because if you tell your audience what to do after they watch your video, there are more chances they’ll become your customers.

The best way to do this is by adding a call-to-action. Be clear on what the next step is and ask the viewers to purchase your product, share the video online, click on the like button or whatever you need them to do.


This way, you’ll achieve your marketing objectives faster and the video in which you worked so hard on will be truly effective!


So here you have the 5 tips that will make you better at scriptwriting! By following them you’ll save yourself some problems and you’ll have no headaches. You can also download our free eBook “How to write an explainer video script” to learn even more about it!

Nevertheless remember that it is always better that you command this job to a professional explainer video company, because they’ll know what to do in any situation and they’ll work right next to you, helping you make a great and effective animated marketing video.

Now, to get a few more tips on video marketing strategies, visit our Explainer Video Academy, where you’ll find everything from free educational eBooks, to infographics and slides to help you out! Or else visit our blog to get the best explainer video production tips.

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