Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-GOOD-BAD-company-THUMBThere are many animated explainer video production companies out there and every one of them will claim to be the best one! So how can you make sure to get the amazing marketing video you’re looking for? In other words: how can you  tell a good video production company from a bad one?


Today we’ll teach you the important things to focus on when hiring (or evaluating to do so) an video production company. Grab your favorite cup of coffee and get some marketing video knowledge below!

Here’s a fine example of one of these animated marketing videos:

1. Quality

The best way to check the real quality of video production companies is to go through their portfolio and then watch most of their videos. Don’t ever settle on the first ones but search deeper: if they’re actually a good company, each one of their animated videos has to be awesome! You must be sure that your animated marketing video will stand out from the rest.

Test their character animation quality also! If you see they’re like little robots instead of lively figures, or that they aren’t moving at all, it’s sure that this production company doesn’t care for its character animation. This is vital: if characters don’t look alive, your video will immediately lose impact, because they won’t transmit any sort of emotion and your audience won’t see empathy within them which results in missing one of the main engaging benefits of this kind of videos.

This is one of our cartoon animated videos: test it yourself and tell us how alive our characters are!

2. Storytelling

Some of the most important needs of an animated marketing video are that it must generate immediate visually impact, be engaging and very entertaining to watch. It might have excellent animation quality but if the story in the video is boring or dull you’ll be losing your potential clients. So check if the animated videos of the company you’re choosing are easy to watch and make you have a good time. If they don’t, that company isn’t the right one for you; waste no more time and search for another.


3. The Production Process

This requirement isn’t about the finished marketing video, but with how it’s actually made. You should be comfortable with the video production process the company runs and clearly understand it. Besides, they should give you the chance to hand over your feedback and personal opinions in every step of the process to make sure that you’re going to get the best explainer video ever.

So don’t be afraid to ask your video company how their process works , whether you’ll be able to hand them over your feedback and if they can guarantee an incredible animated marketing video at the end of the process. If you don’t know much about the explainer video production process, check out this free infographic to learn the basics:



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