Alright, video marketing is the future of content marketing, but what if you could make your videos even more smart?

Video is one of the most engaging types of content you can resort to! And you can use it to approach your prospects in each stage of the buyer's journey. By strategically thinking what type of video to use (some videos fit better with some specific stages, and some fit better with others) you can rise the success of your inbound marketing campaign dramatically. We're here to show you which types of videos you should pick out for each instance: awareness, consideration, and decision stage, in order to get the best results! Ready to start?


Best Video Types For Each Buyer's Journey Stage

How can you create valuable video content for each stage of the buyer's journey, in order to lead your prospects in the direction you want? We've already shared some useful tips regarding this. Don't miss this blog post in which we go over some key considerations you should bear in mind to produce the perfect video content for your marketing strategy.

Having said this, the next question could be: which types of videos should you choose for each stage? Find the answers below!

Educational Videos

These types of videos are perfect to use in the awareness stage. The main goal of any educational videos is simple: be helpful. So, in this sense, you can think of making a video to answer frequently asked questions your audience could have, shoot an interview with a leader, how to make your own “whatever applies to your business/industry”, or anything similar. Remember that at the awareness stage your prospect only knows that they have a problem but is not sure how to solve it yet.

Explainer Videos

Animated marketing videos are a great alternative for the consideration stage. By using informative, educative and engaging video content you can tell your prospects in a brief (and fun!) way who you are and how you can help them. Explainer videos fit perfectly with this stage: first, because they give you the chance to explain your business idea in just a matter of seconds. Also, they combine great visuals with a compelling message, which make them even more appealing and memorable (and hey! how important is it to entertain and keep your prospect's attention, when he/she is evaluating which product/service to choose?). Last but not least, they help you reinforce your brand identity and generate a strong emotional bond with your audience. Just to understand our point even further, check out this cute explainer video that briefly explains the main business idea, in a fun and catchy way...all this in just...60 seconds!

Tip: learn more about how you can use explainer videos for the consideration stage!

Testimonial videos

These types of videos are ideal for the decision stage. Have in mind that at this point you want your prospects to choose you...among many other alternatives out there in the market. So you have to provide them with valuable content that make them see why you're the best solution to their needs. In this context, did you know that customers pay A LOT of attention to what their peers say? Hence, make use of testimonials, case studies and other types of third-party endorsements to build trust among your audience and encourage them to pick you out!

We think this a great way to share customer stories from those who have benefited from using your product. At Yum Yum we have also worked on some client testimonials. Here is an example:

About Us Videos

This is another great alternative to show your prospects how good you are at what you do, so they work well for the decision stage. You can also make some “behind-the-scenes” video or something similar that gives details about the process of your product. What you have to bear in mind is that you need to provide them with useful information to make that final decision. Ideally, try to set up an emotional bond that will make it easier for you to connect with them.


Our Process Videos

As we were saying in the previous bullet, making a video that shows your audience how your product works or how your work can help you in the decision stage. But it's also a good alternative for the consideration stage! Sharing with your prospects some specific methodology, process, or features about your product can help them consider you as a good option.
Have you tried any of these videos as part of your inbound marketing strategy? Share your case with us!

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