Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-THRONES-thumbHow close are you to your audience?

A recent Adobe survey revealed that nearly 70% of US marketers find personalized customer experiences vital for their marketing future. These amazing results come from a simple but powerful fact: in this hyper-connected world, people want to talk to people; not to great brands, not to million-dollar-budget companies, but to real people that have something interesting and useful to say to them.



The ever-growing influence of social networks is fine proof that brands need to prove that there are real people behind them in order to emotionally connect with their audiences. Businesses can accomplish this by showing their daily routine on Facebook, by customizing their tweets or by creating animated explainer videos (we’ll get to those right away). In the end, it’s all about getting to know your audience and giving them exactly what they need: welcome to the age of custom marketing!


In this personalized marketing world, how can you make sure that your business idea gets to the right people? We think that creating custom animated explainer videos is the answer. These videos (that explain any product or service in 90 seconds or less) are the latest marketing trend among online marketers because they’re a great element to use in order to engage with potential customers in a matter of seconds. These videos also lead to increased online website visibility as well as high conversion rates.

Custom animated explainer videos (also called animated marketing videos) give your company true freedom to talk to any audience in their own language; this way, they know that you understand them and learn that they can trust you. But how custom can you get with an explainer video? It’s pretty limitless: let me show you how to expand your video marketing boundaries.




Animated explainer videos are awesome for your custom online branding because you can be as creative as you want; you can use the colors, styles and mood of your brand (and that’s an opportunity that template-based video production doesn’t give you).

But perhaps the most exciting thing about custom videos is that they allow you to craft custom animated characters that look like your target audience: you can dress them like your audience and make them visit the same places your audience visits. (Cartoon characters are one of the most popular options to make this happen). This way, your potential customers can get emotionally close to those characters and their problems, and even find the story in the video much more engaging because they feel that it was created especially for them.


So today, our advice is: tailor your message and customize it so that it fits your brand, your product or service and specially your audience. Custom marketing is about human beings creating content for other human beings and an animated explainer video is an amazing tool to get into!

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