building-a-successful-video-marketing-stategyToday most competitive companies and start-ups are moving to video marketing as an efficient and effective tool to position their brands.

Explainer videos create a unique identity and quickly grab people’s attention, helping them achieve success while maximizing their return on investment.

According to the B2B Demand Generation Benchmark Survey 2012 – a study that enabled marketing professionals to determine the best channels, content and offers for 2013 – most respondents favored videos over white papers, case studies and live demos with reps.

Let’s say you’ve made an explainer video for your business (well, not you obviously but a specialized company), what’s next? You should start thinking about how you are going to increase the number of visitors, the web traffic and the number of conversions through it. By implementing an exhaustive video SEO strategy strongly based on the webpage and social media channels, you’ll be able to achieve your desired results.

Below we list 7 key actions to guarantee your explainer videos are accurately optimized on both spaces, and thus catapult your business into trendiness:

1. Title:

Add a short and powerful title that really engages your viewers and encourages them to check it out. (Don’t forget the KISS principle: KEEP IT SIMPLE!).
Google uses the title to understand the content of your video, so think it through!

2. Description

Write a description to let search engines easily read it when they index your video. A transcription of the video can also help.

3. Tags:

Add relevant keywords (at least 5-10) in order to associate your video with corresponding keywords. Usually the tags you use for your SEO strategy will be included here. i.e.: if your video is about the ‘‘The Crisis of Credit Visualized’’ then the keyword ‘’finance’’ might be included and so on. Check out this video to see a great example of Video SEO done right:

4. Captions

They are similar to subtitles, but mainly intended to help people with hearing difficulties.

5. Call-to-action (CTA)

Don’t forget to include a catchy message into your video like “Subscribe now for more great content!” You can even add a subscription button to lead people to a concrete action in media channels like YouTube.

6. Update your Cover

Don’t leave your social channel empty! Add your logo and cover to the main social networks like Youtube, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn in order to catch people’s attention while maximizing your brand identity, making it look cool.

7. Share! (do we really need to say this? I think we do)

Share your videos in social media and popular channels, encouraging fans to check them out. This will increase your popularity and help get higher ratings, more positive comments and likes (Brand love).

By following these rules of thumb, you’ll be doing what’s needed to guarantee a killer video marketing strategy.


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