I'm sure you also love animated characters. Since we were kids, characters have that special thing that makes them so sweet, enticing, warm and memorable…


Well, in explainer video production, the same thing happens: cartoon animation is the “chosen one” when placed in front of the other explainer video styles. And today we're going to tell you what makes this type of video SO different and unique. Let's reveal the secret behind them!



We were talking about childhood...it's just there's no way to separate “animated characters” from those times when we were kids! Character animation brings those old good memories back to the present. Cartoons make us feel at home and bring fun and pleasurable memories. They remind us of positive stories, that are great to inspire us, make us dream and also learn. What could be better than using this strong emotional power to communicate your key messages to your target audience, in an educational and appealing way?

Represent Your Audience

Character animation is perfect to generate a strong connection with your target audience, by making them feel represented by the story you're telling. You can achieve this by crafting the characters based on the characteristics of your buyer's persona (look, style, age, gender, location, clothes, attitude, preferences, needs, etc.). This will make them feel emotionally closer to the story you’re presenting, which ends up being much more engaging and memorable than other types of marketing videos. Generating trust by showing potential customers that you really know them will inevitably lead you to generate more conversions and sales. That's why this type of video is one of the favorite styles brands generally choose.

Check out this lovely character animation video, for instance.


Another great characteristic of character animation is that it's one of the most versatile styles of marketing  videos. They're awesome for both B2C and B2B companies. For B2C companies, they have the ability to generate a strong connection with real people and real emotions. And for B2B companies, they're perfect to apply that personal and human approach that is generally needed in these types of companies.

Additionally, character animation can be mixed with other styles of explainer videos to maximize the features of each style. For instance, by mixing cartoon animation with motion graphics, you get all the benefits of an emotional approach, plus the simplicity motion graphics offers. This video speaks for itself.

Distribution And Promotion

As this style has that unique power to generate a strong connection with the viewer, we can think that they could not only turn into your customer, but also go one step further and become your brand ambassador. Just like you or any other can be a fan of Spider Man's comic or Daredevil, your prospects can also “fall in love” with the characters of your video and start to spread the voice about them. They will just start to share your video and promote it on their channels, for free!

Quite convincing arguments to make character animation the most popular marketing video style out there, right?

Don't miss the blog post in which we go over the rest of the explainer video styles you can include in your marketing strategy. Choose the best fit for your business!


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