Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-IDEA-and-MONEY-thumbBy describing what your company has to offer, animated explainer videos are not only spreading your message -they’re helping you to do business. This is why you have made such a great effort in putting together clear, short and attention-grabbing material, after all. Let’s be honest: in the end, it all comes down to making a profit.


These marketing videos have proven to be very effective tools for turning visitors into actual customers. Here’s how an explainer video (like this cool one below) can help you seal the deal.


1. What’s In It For Your Visitors

Animated marketing videos are not meant to act like a sales pitch -they should work as an introduction to your brand instead. And the message you’re trying to convey should speak directly to the potential customers visiting your site.

After watching your video, your visitors should be left with a clear idea on what your company is offering, which is the first step towards an actual purchase. If your visitors feel compelled to buy your product, then they should be able to do so very easily, so make sure to incorporate a clear call-to-action at the end of your video.

Check the audience-driven message and get through final call-to-action in this animated video of ours:


2. Collect, Detect And Sell

Video analytics are extremely useful when it comes to knowing more about your visitors. These metrics can tell you how long visitors spend watching the video, or if they are showing preference for a particular section.

You can collect this data to detect and pick which are your most interested visitors. And based upon this information, you can craft a personalized message to lure them and turn them into actual customers.


3. Integrating Data In Your CRM

One of the greatest benefits of having an animated marketing video is that it provides you with trackable information. It is already useful to obtain data from your audience on an individual level, but the real power of this information lies in the integration with your CRM (customer relationship management), which will enable you to transform engagement data into individual lead records.

This way you could configure a video-viewing history record per lead, which will tell you how much time a single visitor spends watching your video and what specific sections they’re particularly interested in.

Managing this information on your CRM will provide you with detailed records of those leads with the biggest potential. By singling out these visitors, you could design strategies tailored to their interests, your focus will be sharper and you will undoubtedly save money by narrowing your efforts into visitors who are closest to making a purchase.



4. Get Rid Of The Bad, Stick With The Good

All of this data you’re collecting will tell you not only what’s working but also what’s not -which could end up being more important for learning purposes. After identifying the most successful sections of your video, you could also have an idea about those that are not working.

Your business team should then identify those gaps to make proper adjustments for future video marketing campaigns, aiming for the best explainer video every time.

This is about learning from your mistakes but also about replicating what has been successful. If a particular animated marketing video is proving to be very popular, then you should figure out how to keep achieving that effect in your next videos.


Your animated marketing video is a powerful business tool. It provides you with valuable information that you need to study and integrate with other resources to analyze how you can improve your efforts. Apply these pieces of advice to your videos and get ready to close more deals!

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