Yum-Yum-Videos-explianer-video-production-company-Twitter-and-Video-blog-thumbGet ready to post your animated explainer video on Twitter, because there’s a huge online video boom and Twitter doesn’t want to miss it out!


Online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic and will be 55% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2016.  And the opposite is also true: as Twitter continues to expand, video creators don’t want to miss out on the microblogging’s buzz either!

Ad campaigns on Twitter have so far focused on promoting tweets and accounts, through cost-per-click, display and social media ad strategies. However, until recently, these campaigns had not included video.


Twitter’s Flirtation With Video

Twitter has become a big-league player on the Internet, with an active base of more than 200 million users, and an average sharing rate of over 2,000 tweets including video links per minute.


In late 2010, Twitter revamped to include the capability to view and share video without leaving the website, by clicking on individual tweets which contained links to a variety of supported websites, such as YouTube and Flickr.

Then in 2013, Twitter launched a video promotion tool called Twitter Amplify by partnering with large media heavyweights to allow networks to push small video clips on Twitter that were accompanied by brief video ads as pre-roll or post-roll.


The Big (Beta) Move

And just recently, Twitter has announced a beta test of Promoted Video. This means that brands can now upload and distribute an animated explainer video, and measure its reach and effectiveness of the content with video analytics tools.


The video ads are run with a cost-per-view buying model, and advertisers are charged when the viewers start watching the video. This limits the risk of advertisers by ensuring that ads are viewed and user-initiated. According to Twitter, early tests show that tweets containing native Twitter videos are generating better engagement and more video views than before, but wistfully that’s all we got so far in terms of performance reviews.


Hold Your Horses! (Or Contact A Representative)

However, this is a beta launch, so you can’t just dive in and start using Promoted Video quite yet. To do so, you would need to get in touch with an account representative. As of yet, the tests of Twitter’s native video solution are available to “select” content publishers and verified users.

Video is an incredible medium and we’re thrilled to be giving brands, publishers and a subset of verified users the ability to share organic and Promoted Video on Twitter,” the company says… and we video-lovers are ready for it!


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