Company videos are a must that cannot be omitted in your video marketing strategy.

Of course you can use many other types of videos to promote your business, but an institutional video is step #1. It’s like your business card: a great way to present your company, to show your customers and prospects who’s behind your brand, the core values your company has, what defines your culture, how you work and how you make that great product you're offering. In today's blog post we will share with you 4 tips so that you can create amazing corporate videos that persist in your audience's minds...and hearts. Check them out!


Why Company Videos?

You can have explainer videos, testimonial videos, webinars, podcasts, or any other type of video in your video marketing mix. But please don't leave company videos aside! They have to be there too!

When thinking about making a company video, you have several alternatives: an about us video, a process video, a product video, a how-we-work video, an institutional video, or something similar. Watch this example:

Here we have summarized some compelling reasons for you to understand why they are SO important:

A company video:

  1. Allows your target audience to connect with your brand. Keep in mind that it's vital that your prospects understand who you are and how you work so that they can be confident at the moment they have to pick you.
  2. Showcases your company. It's a quick, cool and entertaining way of showing off your business and product in a lovable format (video content).  
  3. Helps you get more leads and customers: this type of video is a great tool to turn visitors into leads (product videos, process videos and how-we-work videos especially) and to turn leads into customers (about us videos). Review how you can use them to enhance your inbound marketing strategy!
  4. Has all the awesome benefits only video content has. Review this blog post to learn why video is the marketing content that brings more value!

How To Make A Stunning Company Video

Check out these 4 killer tips to get to an amazing corporate video that quickly grabs the attention of viewers, generates engagement and encourages them to come back for more.

#1: Put it into context

Make sure you choose an appropriate setting for your company video. Depending on your business and products, you will have to carefully choose the geographic location or place in which the video will take place. This is important to give your viewer some background information and to help them remember what you want them to remember: something that is related to your business and what you do.

#2: Highlight what your brand makes great

In your video, deliver a clear and compelling message about what makes your brand and product so special and unique among the wide range of alternatives. Share your achievements and show your audience your track record for success. You can also include some testimonials of executives or employees to give it a more personal approach.

#3: Tell a compelling story that persuades your audience

Also try to focus on your culture so that people can feel identified with those values and beliefs. It’s ok to talk about the unique advantages your product has and what makes you special, but also talk about your essence and the people who have lead you to that remarkable place.


#4: Set up an emotional bond

Emotions have an amazing power in the video marketing world and you can take advantage of that. Try to generate some strong emotions in your audience and they will certainly remember your video! Nostalgia, humour, empathy, ...activate their feelings and you will be gaining points!

Besides making some company videos, you can complement them with a testimonial video that tells the world how other people benefited from using your product. And guess what? We have compiled some tips on how to create a great testimonial video that converts. Enjoy it!


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