Do you need to work on a marketing video that targets different languages but you're not sure on how to make it happen?

We've already been through this and we also have some interesting tips to share with you. Keep on reading!


One Explainer Video, Different Languages

Here's the situation: depending on the product/service you offer and the target audience you aim for, maybe you need to develop an explainer video in different languages. On one hand, it's true that, commonly, English is considered to be the universal language and is very well accepted in the Internet world. But you also have to consider this: customized content is better for enhancing engagement, generating empathy and, consequently, increasing conversion rates.

In this context, no matter what your product/service is about (and even more importantly, if you offer a mobile app) you really have to consider developing your explainer video in the main languages of the different segments of your target audience. You could be thinking… ”but that's not a piece of cake at all!”. Keep calm! It's not as complicated as you might be thinking! We've compiled some valuable information that will give you a huge hand when trying to approach different segments in different languages. Follow these tips!

4 Tips To Create Effective Custom Videos In Different Languages

And now... the moment of truth! 4 tips we're sharing with you so that you can create engaging and appealing explainer videos in different languages.

#1: Choose the voice talents carefully

A voice talent is not just “a voice for your video”. It's -without exaggerating- one of the most important elements of your marketing video that will, ultimately, provide it with a strong personality, credibility and human touch. You can go over this blog post we've specially developed for you so you can fully understand the importance of a professional voice over in an animated marketing video.


#2: Make sure the voice talents speak the native language of your audience

So, if your goal is to provide your videos with an emotional approach and make it easy for your audience to identify with the voice they're hearing, this one is a must; make sure the voice talents you choose for each of your videos are native speakers of the countries of the target audiences you're aiming for. This is a key aspect to make them feel emotionally closer to the voice in the video.

At Yum Yum, we work with a wide range of voice over talents all over the world so that we can find the right fit for each client's video.

#3: Review the script and make adjustments, if necessary

As the script is one of the most important elements of the video production process, it's vital that you adapt it to the target audience you're talking to. Review it and analyze if it needs  any changes. Keep in mind that, depending on the country and its idiosyncrasy, there are phrases or expressions that may vary from one region to another.

wsp motion graphics explainer video 4.jpg

#4: Check the rhythm of the voice over and how it fits with the overall animation

Also, take some time to analyze if the rhythm of the voice flows smoothly with the animation on screen. This is a very important aspect, as you might have made some changes in the script (or in the overall length, just to make the content adapt to the target audience), and consequently you have to make sure that what the viewers are hearing, fits perfectly with what they're watching.

At Yum Yum, we give the voice over talent a very important role. In case you want to know more about this special “character”, don't miss this article in which we explain why he/she can set the mood of your video.

Finally, we invite you to keep on surfing our blog to find more valuable tips on video marketing. Happy reading!


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