Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-MONEY-hand-thumbIt’s pretty obvious: if we match the pricing of a template animated video with custom explainer video production cost, there’s no possible comparison and a template video would always seem like the best option. But what’s the return on your investment eventually? Where should your video and your business aim for?

Today you’ll learn why a template animated video could cost you a lot more than the best-quality custom explainer video.

Here’s an example of a custom animated marketing video:


1. Potential Customer Drop Off and Conversion Loss

By the time animated marketing videos began to appear on the web they were a totally new thing, so no one cared about their quality. The simple fact of not having to read long text-based pages and save some time was more than enough. Today, these types of videos are no longer unfamiliar to online brands so your competition surely has one already.

If your video doesn’t have quality animation and designs, people will simply stop watching. Or worse; they’ll watch your competition’s video instead.

Template video production is way less expensive than making a custom video, but its quality is way lower too. These kinds of videos are made with pre-designed animated characters and animation libraries instead of being specially tailored to engage your target audience. Besides, the animation quality on template videos is rather primary or basically bad, so their videos are usually boring and dull, which forces people not to watch them all the way through.

All of these factors sum up into one thing: if people don’t watch your video, they won’t buy your product or service. Therefore, the amount of money lost from a bad animated video can eventually be very large. So large that it can be more expensive than making a custom explainer video in the first place.

Here’s a cool animated marketing video example in which animated characters and backgrounds were specially crafted to suit the target audience of the brand: young men and women who love rock gigs.


Watch how the script, character designs, the use of colors, and so on, were made to engage the potential customer. This animated explainer video doesn’t just explain, it is also super fun to watch and makes you recall the brand after watching the video (none of these can be achieved with a template video!):


2. Brand Damage!

An animated marketing video is usually the first approach your audience has with your brand. Therefore, if the video is not well-crafted, it will generate mistrust within your visitors and potential customers. It’s just like a bad-looking or non-friendly website; if your animated video is bad or cheap it will give you the impression that your product or service is bad and cheap too.

People won’t just not buy from you but also link your brand with a bad-quality idea.

Look at how this custom whiteboard video showcases the brand as a top-level company but in a fun way, which is more accessible and has a more personal approach with its audience. All of this can be achieved with a quality video, especially tailored to engage its potential customers:


3. Return On Investment: Poor Marketing Results

Are you going to make a cheap video but spend thousands in advertising? I don’t think that’s a good idea. A template video that’s not well-focused on your audience and also has lame pre-designed animation won’t get the same marketing results as a custom-made animated video.


If you’re thinking of investing some of your budget in advertising with a bad-quality video, think twice: it would cost a lot of money to get the results you’re looking for, rather than with custom video.

As we said before; you might save some money at first, but costs would be much more expensive in the long term. Your money will be spent on advertising that won’t work and you’ll lose many potential customers along the way.

Having a bad-quality video also makes people leave your website after a quick glance, and that will also damage your position in search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.


As you can see, custom explainer video production is always the best idea, because it will draw way better marketing results in the long run; it’s sure a greater cost-effective decision than making a bad-quality template video.


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