Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-CUSTOM-vs-TEMPLATE-thumbnailAnimated explainer videos are the latest online marketing trend; marketers choose these videos (that explain any business idea in 90 seconds or less) due to their awesome benefits, such as the fact that it helps increase conversion rates. What some people might not have noticed is that there are two very different ways of making these videos; I’m talking about custom and template animated videos.


Choosing between one kind of explainer video and the other is a key decision for any marketing campaign so you must know what each one is about. Let’s find out the differences.


Template video animations are faster and easier to craft, they need less production time and they’re also a lot cheaper. The thing is, they work on predesigned elements; this means that they use characters, styles of animation and designs that are created to fill in an animation library and then re-used over and over again for different purposes.


The quality of template videos is usually quite poor because template visuals are quite motionless and voice-overs can be dull and robotic most of the time. Besides, with template videos you can’t add much creativity, such as colors that suit your brand mood or style, custom characters that get your target audience to identify with your brand, and more.

Either way, if your business doesn’t have the right budget to hire an explainer video production company that makes custom videos, or if you don’t have enough time to do so, a template video could still work for you. However, if you go that way, try to have your video made with a good template animation company (there are some great ones out there) and remember that your video is going to actually stand for your brand, so you shouldn’t have a bad quality video on your landing page.



Custom animated explainer video production can be summed up in two words: no boundaries. The animation quality in these kinds of videos is higher than template videos’, and its visuals are usually much more sophisticated. A voice-over is exclusively recorded to fit the right audience and, likewise, colors and character designs are crafted specifically for it. Check out this one to see what I’m talking about:

See how (from lovable characters to a neat voice-over) everything was created precisely to match the web service. The great thing about customization is that it leads to high engagement, because your audience can instantly identify with the characters, scenarios and stories crafted just for them.

To put it simply, custom animated explainer videos stand out and make your brand look good every time. They’re more expensive than template animation videos and take more time to produce, but as a reward for your investment, your audience will definitely feel engaged and identified with, generating trust that will be represented in your conversions and sales.


Overall, any kind of animated explainer video will make the difference in your marketing campaign. We stand for those exclusive ones, those that are made especially for a particular audience and which demonstrate that your brand is an exeptional one. If you want more advice on how to have your future explainer videos made, download our latest eBook for free.

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