Just like you have to customize every piece of content you work on in order to meet your target audience's needs and interests, you have to do the same thing with your explainer video.  

Developing a tailor-made video is a must if you want to strengthen the branding of your product/company and, consequently, gain your customer's trust. Read on and learn some great advantages of fully customizing your animated marketing video!


Why Your Explainer Video Should Be Custom-Made

Let us summarize some of the benefits of customizing any type of content marketing piece, including explainer videos, of course.

Engage your target audience

By customizing the characters of your videos based on your buyer's persona, you can generate a strong connection with your viewers: they will feel that the story was made specially for them.

Thumbs up for your branding: your viewers will feel that you truly understand their problem and that you have something valuable to offer. By generating such a connection, they will be more open to listening to your proposal!


Generate trust

Template videos are not well crafted, the animation is poor and they give off an impression of being bad and cheap. Conversely, if you customize your video, you're offering your viewers great quality, personalized characters and designs, tailor-made branding elements, and more.

Thumbs up for your branding: if people see your video as top notch, they will probably associate this concept with your product/brand and you will generate more trust and interest towards your proposal. Everything speaks about your brand, remember this!

Reinforce your SEO efforts

Working on a custom explainer video also helps you to enhance your SEO efforts: if people land on your website and see a high quality, tailor-made video, they will feel highly engaged and motivated to keep on watching, they will spend more time on your site...and all this helps you increase the time on page rate, which is a very important factor to take care of your SEO needs.

Thumbs up for your branding: reducing the bounce rate and increasing the time on page rate, helps you get a better position in Google's ranking, and consequently gain greater online visibility.


Raise brand awareness

Branding your explainer video from head to toe, by including the colors of your brand palette,  can help your viewers notice that your company is the one behind that value proposition. Even if they don't watch your video till the end, they will be exposed to your brand identity from the very first second.

Thumbs up for your branding: the video will look and feel like yours. It will have your unique distinctive mark and this will help you raise brand awareness among your customers and prospects.

Are you not sure of how to personalize your video? We have summarized some key elements you can customize to give your explainer video your own unique style. Enjoy the reading!

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