Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-WTHITEBOARD-questions-THUMBWhiteboard animation videos are a hit on the web; they’re one of the most used animated marketing videos by online businesses to explain their products or services. However, they’re not all the same: there are different ways to make them and that decision will directly affect to the video’s quality, budget and marketing results.


Today, we’ll learn about two main different groups: custom and template whiteboard animation videos. We’ll explain their advantages, their disadvantages and when it’s the best time to use them.


These kinds of videos are pre-made with characters and drawings that already exist and are reused from other template videos. There’s also computer software which allows you to craft the video yourself by using “recycled” material from an animation library or from a catalogue.


Pros: They’re really easy to make, so you can have one of them finished in a couple of days. They’re also quite inexpensive, because all the elements come from previous videos. To sum up, they’re:

● Costless (on a short term).

● Quick to make.

Cons: They have a bad animation quality. People can tell when a video is made by mixing other videos’ material and they usually don’t come out well, and the fact that you can’t customize them is a loss of many branding possibilities.

What’s the worst part of it? That people will probably stop watching it in the first few seconds (or won’t watch it at all!) due to its cheap looking quality. Therefore, you could lose a lot of potential customers and make your brand look bad. Overall, they hand you:

● Bad quality.

● Bad brand image.

● It’s a bad investment (on a long term).


When To Use Them

We DO recommend using them: if you have no time and need a video right away. They could be a good choice to get by. They’re also an excellent choice for presentations, they’re way better than any Power Point or still presentation and they’re usually quite fun.  They can also be a good option for limited-budget startups; template whiteboard animations might help them before they can settle up and make a better one.

We DON’T recommend using them: to represent a brand for a long period of time. Explainer videos are just like your website or logo; they stand for your brand. So having a low-quality video can make your potential customers lose their trust in you. And that will eventually make you lose a lot more money than the one you’re saving by making a template video.



These kinds of videos are custom-made: from the characters to the story and graphics. They’re usually high-quality videos, which makes them very attractive, standing out from any regular template animated video.

Pros: The main benefit of these videos is that they can build a strong bond with their audience, because they’re made for a certain target audience. Characters, backgrounds and the story are made to suit a specific potential customer. All of this generates trust within your audience and also grows what marketers call “brand love”, both of which are directly reflected on sales and conversions (it’s proven that a custom explainer video boosts conversion rates from 20 to 60% on average). Overall, custom whiteboard videos equal:

● High quality.

● Brand love.

● Audience identification.

Cons: They’re obviously more expensive and time-consuming than template videos. While templates can be finished in two or three days, an average whiteboard animation production lasts  for 4 to 7 weeks. It’s impossible to make one in a couple of days, so if someone says the opposite, they’re not making an actual custom video. The storyboarding process alone takes 1 or 2 weeks to complete (Check out our article about the explainer video production process) and sometimes -depending on the whiteboard complexity- it needs to be crafted by two directors at a time. Overall, they’re:

● More expensive.

● More time-consuming during production.


This whiteboard animated video took 6 weeks to complete. Watch the results:


 When To Use Them

We DO recommend using them: to represent you brand all over the web. It helps your company create a personal brand and gets you closer to your target audience, something that’ll be reflected in your entire marketing goals and performance.

We DON’T recommend using them: as one-time-only presentations. It’s a large budget investment for a single show time. We don’t advise having them done when you’re short for time either, remember that you can’t make one in just one or two weeks.  Finally, don’t go for a custom whiteboard video if you haven’t defined your target audience yet, because the trick is to customize it completely to suit your potential customers.


Whether you go for a template or a custom whiteboard video, I really hope these pieces of advice can guide you into choosing the right explainer video company (get our free eBook for further details on this).

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