Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-WRITER-pipe-THUMBThere’s no doubt that animated explainer videos are the ultimate marketing tool. But they have to be made by a team of professionals if you want to get the best out of them; otherwise they may not be as useful.

The explainer video production process has various stages that go from storyboarding, illustration and animation to sound mixing. But before all of this, one very important thing has to be done: write the script! And an expert is the one who should do this job.


Keep on reading to understand the importance of having a professional in charge of the writing of your script.

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Why is Having a Pro Scriptwriter Essential?

Let’s put it this way: the heart of your marketing video is the script! Without a good script, the video just won’t work, because the message won’t be transmitted well, no matter how great everything else is.


There’s a misconception about scriptwriting being easy, because it’s actually very complex work and a lot of knowledge is required. From here lies the importance of hiring a professional scriptwriter.

Writing a script is much more than just explaining your product or service. The one who does this job needs to know how to engage the audience and how to transmit feelings in a short amount of time.

Besides, a marketing video script has to be made by following a determinate structure in order to function correctly. Only a professional knows how to do all of this while focusing on the brand’s marketing objectives at the same time.

Let’s remember it’s not the same to write for a 45-year-old man than for a 16-year-old teenage girl, and the advantage of working with an expert is that they  know how  to write for every different target and what words to use on each occasion.


Why an Amateur Scriptwriter Could Ruin Your Video

It’s sad to say it, but not hiring a professional scriptwriter could not only ruin your marketing video but also spoil your whole marketing campaign. Why? Because if the script is not good enough, the video will turn out to be a bad quality one and the story won’t convince your audience.


Writing your own script or asking an amateur to do it, at a first glance will be cheaper than hiring a professional, but eventually you’ll lose money, due to huge view drops and even possible damages on your brand image.

So don’t waste time and money on a marketing campaign that won’t work. If you still want to write your own script or hire an amateur, we’re going to teach you what the most typical scriptwriting mistakes are and how to avoid them.


1. Leaving the Audience’s Problems Behind

It’s said that rules are meant to be broken, but not this one! In marketing video scriptwriting, it’s mandatory to always put the audience first. They matter more than anything, so don’t leave them behind.

A very common mistake is that owners like to highlight their product’s features, but if you do this, the video just won’t be appealing to the viewers. The idea is to first present you target’s problem, then explain how you can solve it and after, tell them why they should choose you among the competition.

Here's one of our best explainer videos. See how the brand is mentioned at the 0:40 mark? Before that moment, the script is focused exclusively on the audience’s problem:


2. Not Having Clear Objectives

Sadly, there are some animated marketing videos without a clear target audience or a clear marketing goal. This is a very typical mistake that instantly ruins your plan of increasing sales.

From the moment you conceive the idea of your explainer video script, you need to know precisely what your target audience is. Don’t try to grab several target audiences, because even if it can work excellently, there are more times when this only makes the video impersonal, longer and boring.

Also, never forget to have a clear goal in mind. If, for example, you have no call-to-action or too many of them, you’ll lose the strength of your video when using it on in marketing campaign.


3. Not Knowing the Right Video Length

It’s not the same to have a 1000-worded script than one with just 240 words. The length matters and a lot! If the video is too long, people won’t watch it through to the end. 

A professional scriptwriter knows how to find the right words and synthesize the idea to make the video shorter and friendlier for your audience to watch. Remember that we need to engage the viewers and not bore them.

To not make this mistake, bear in mind that 180 written words are equal to one minute in video, if the narration is read at  an average speed. In our experience, the perfect timing is 90 seconds and this equivalates to a 240 word script.

Here's a fine example of a 90-seconds animated marketing video with a solid script:


4. Thinking that Explainer Videos and TV Commercials Are the Same

Let’s clear this up. Explainer videos, TV commercials and internal videos are all different things and are not related. The best explainer videos are made to explain how a product or service solves someone’s problem, without focusing only on the product’s features.

It’s very important to understand this difference when writing your script so that you don’t waste your marketing campaign.


Now that you have all of this in mind, consider that it is always better to make a big expense first, and later have a great return on the investment. A professional scriptwriter won’t make you lose money and will deliver a great final result, which for sure, you’ll appreciate.


To learn more about this subject download our free educational eBook How to Write an Explainer Video Script or visit our Explainer Video Academy, where you’ll find awesome slides and infographics. Or else keep browsing our blog to get the best explainer video production tips on the web.

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