Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-APPIER-4-533217-editedNow that you know all that animated marketing videos can do to enhance your content marketing strategy, you´re focused on developing the best explainer video possible to reach your potential customers in a quick and effective way, while engaging them and generating identification and brand awareness. Good! Now, depending on your business, the product you offer and the target audience you are aiming for, you can choose from a wide variety of explainer video styles:

In this blog post, we´re going to focus on two specific animated video styles, which are different but at the same time they´re complementary and can work perfectly together: we´re talking about Motion Graphics and Character Animation. Keep on reading and learn more about them!


One of the main characteristics about motion graphics videos is that they have an amazing power of synthesis. If you´re trying to explain complex ideas or concepts, this type of video can help you a lot: they´re highly explanatory and can make your audience understand the idea in a matter of seconds.

That´s why they´re one of the most chosen explainer videos styles among B2B (business-to-business) and technology companies. Motion graphics videos are also a good resource to pass on economic or financial information, which usually involves a lot of numbers, statistics, graphs, and more.

In a way, motion graphics videos are a little more formal, elegant and sophisticated than other styles.

Check out this example of a motion graphic video mixed with live action:


On the other hand, cute characters, inspiring stories, and a more human approach are typical features of Character Animation. In this kind of video, storytelling plays a key role: how you tell the story of the main character, and how he solves the problem with the help of your product will make the difference, creating an emotional bond with your target audience.

This type of video is highly memorable, engaging and entertaining. Character animation videos work perfectly for B2C (business-to-consumer) companies that offer simple products or services and that want to get an emotional approach. They´re also great to be promoted on social media platforms, since they can also incorporate a dose of humor, when necessary.

Watch this character animation explainer video to have a clearer idea:


Now, the question is: “why can´t we mix the two styles and get the most out of both techniques?” Of course you can do this!

Watch this example that mixes both:

By merging both styles you get, on one hand, a more personal and human approach, an appealing and engaging story, and cute characters with a dose of humor. On the other hand, you appeal to the motion graphics technique to explain more complex ideas in an easy and compelling way. The best of each style, in just one video! Let´s see this in detail:

In this video we´ve developed for Triggermail, the marketer turns into the ultimate data ninja and this makes the video more fun and engaging:

As a conclusion, the mix of both techniques can be a great alternative that fits well in any kind of business. However, if you have doubts or if you need further information, you can visit our Animated Video Academy for more of the best explainer video production tips!

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