With a well executed video ad campaign, you can reach thousands of people, generate instant brand awareness and attract new customers.


Of course, there are many different types of video ads that can be highly effective for your marketing efforts, such as traditional ads, viral videos, and explainer videos. The most important thing is that you choose them by keeping in mind your marketing goals and, of course, the characteristics they have and the benefits they provide for your specific objectives and your target audience.  

If we think about the different alternatives, and start analyzing which advantages they have, explainer videos have features that fit perfectly with video ads best practices.  And in this blog post you'll discover why. Keep on reading!

All In One

Explainer videos fit perfectly with the “video ad” logic: they're brief, concise, and present a specific solution for a specific target audience. On top of that, if you make them customized and high quality, your chances of engaging your audience rise dramatically.  

Read on and learn how explainer videos are highly effective for video ad campaigns. We've shared some useful tips for general video ads, and how these videos adapt perfectly to those requirements.

1) Keep your video ads brief

Although the length is flexible, it's always recommendable that you make your video ads short,concise and right to the point. Remember that the average attention span has decreased to 8.25 seconds on average, so be careful and don't abuse on the length of your advertisement, especially in the first few seconds. Your viewer's attention is the most valuable thing you can get!


[Animated explainer videos: box checked! - These marketing videos are typically short, not more than 90 seconds.]

2) Focus in just one specific Topic

To make your video ad highly effective, always try to focus on one specific topic: make it clear for your audience to understand what you have to offer and how you can make their lives easier. Don't beat around the bush! Just be concise ;)

[Animated explainer videos: box checked! - They always focus on one main topic that is aligned with the target audience´s needs. ]

3) Make them high quality

Making your video high quality and 100% customized to meet your target audience’s expectations and your marketing objectives will be vital to increase the effectiveness of your campaign. A video that exudes quality and  in which your potential customers see themselves reflected will definitely grab their attention.

[Explainer videos: box checked (sort of)! - Animated explainer videos can -and should- be fully customized. but it really depends on you and which production company you choose.]

4) Work on a solid script

Your video ad must be based on a solid script that focuses on specific pain points and grabs your audience's attention in the first few seconds. A good script will be the foundation you need to deliver a clear and compelling message.


[Explainer videos: box checked! - Animated marketing videos are typically based on a well-structured script that works as the primary basis for the rest of the creation process]

5) Focus your ads to a specific target audience 

To be effective, your video ads must be focused on the target audience that you are aiming for. Additionally, you need to choose the right tone and the right animation to engage that specific group. The message you're delivering (and of course, how you deliver it) must be relevant to your audience!

[Explainer videos: box checked! - Customized explainer videos are -or at least they should be- focused on one specific target audience, and every aspect of the video is worked out so as to maximize its impact]

As you can see, explainer videos are a great alternative to boost your video ad campaign.

Keep on surfing our blog to learn more tips about how they can enhance your marketing strategy!  

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