Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-SCRIPT-WRITING-THUMBAs an explainer video production company, we know that sometimes it can be hard to write a clear and catchy video script. The process of making this kind of video involves some specific steps that have to be completed carefully in order to accomplish high quality results.


In this context, the script plays a key role. To make it easy for you, we have compiled all the information you need in our free eBook “How to write an animated explainer video script”. Consider these tips and get ready to make the best explainer video script you could ever dream of! And if you want to succeed in writing your script, try to avoid these typical mistakes.


As a first step, make sure to identify which audience your product/service targets (try to be as specific as possible). Second step: target the script of your animated video to THAT specific audience. Have in mind that bad targeting usually entails a high amount of view drops: consequently, this means your animated marketing video will be considered as boring by Google and/or YouTube since most people stop watching it after a few seconds. And no one wants that, right?  So make sure your target audience is well defined in your script so that the video represents it correctly. Take the chance to engage your audience.



You might be asking yourself: “How could I know how long a video will be by just reading a script?” Based on our experience as an explainer video production company, we can say the 160 written words on a script equals 1 minute in video format (this is just a general rule; don´t take it literally since the pauses and the beat of the voice could make it shorter…or longer). To make it even simpler: for us, the magical number is 240 words, which equals 90 seconds in video format. This time is enough for you to explain your product/service and it´s also short enough for the audience to not get bored and stop watching.



Following the principles of narrative construction, every great story needs a beginning, middle and end. And a good script does too. To get to a great script, think about the structure in three main acts:

  • ●  Beginning with the “What”: what is the problem your company solves?
  • ●  Then the “How”: how does your company solve that problem?
  • ●  Ending with the “Why”: why should your audience choose your solution among others?

For more information about this, don´t hesitate to check out our eBook “How to write an animated marketing video script”.

Have in mind that this is just the “classic” script structure (which is, in general, the one that works the best) but of course you can try different kinds of structures!


4. FOCUSING ON SELLING YOUR BRAND (instead of solving a problem)

An animated marketing video is made to explain how your brand helps your customers, this is, which problems your product/service solves. If you focus your script on telling your audience how awesome your brand is, you run the risk of letting them down, making them stop watching your animated video or even worse: not purchasing anything from you, ever. Remember: follow the 3 step classic structure (what-how-why) and you won´t fail. Tell your customers what you can do for them!


Want more? Check all the resources we have at your service! You´ll find great materials in our Animated Video Academy, and useful tips, best practices and latest news on our blog!

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