Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-LA-FONTAINE-thumbA Voice-Over is no more and no less than the voice in an animated explainer video (or any other audiovisual piece, for that matter). Is it really that important?Is it really that important? Is a self-made voice-over the same as a professional voice-over? Is it OK to use digital software to craft the voice-over for an explainer video?

What would be your answers?


First of all, let’s be clear; today we’re talking about the voice and the actor behind the voice so we’re not going to focus on the story in the video (we already gave you some advice on that). Let me answer our first question: voice-overs are always important on any animated explainer video. Any audio content should be as relevant as the visuals; therefore, you should always hire a professional voice actor to get the job properly. Now let us give you 6 reasons why you should hire a professional:

A Voice-Over Is Part Of Your Video Personality

A voice-over gives an explainer video a particular mood, feeling and personality. A good voice actor can give your video the right amount of happiness, sorrow, solemnity or excitement but only a professional can make you feel it. Forget about artificial software voice-overs! Professional human voice-overs are always the right choice.


Voice-Overs Have The Right Beat

Only professional voice actors know how to add the right highs, lows, and pauses to your story. Most of the time, dull or annoying voices can lead your audience to not want to watch your video all the way through, which doesn’t represent your business well.

Voice-Overs Make make a bond

Voice-overs can have a great influence on your audience. The right voice actor can make your audience feel represented and identified with. Let’s face it; no girl would ever buy make-up promoted through Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice.  


Voice-Overs Expose Your Video Quality

The quality of an animated explainer video is vital for your potential customers because it represents your brand. Aside from great quality visuals, a nicely recorded video with a voice-over (with the right microphones in a neat recording studio) can really make the difference between a professional video and a not-so-credible one.

Voice-Overs Display Your Credibility

Trust is also a key element in order for the viewers that watch your explainer videos to turn into customers. Don’t ever underestimate the potential of your videos. Using a native voice actor is the unquestionable answer in order to make a trustworthy explainer video. If you hire someone who does not speak the same language as your audience, (or has a weird or “robotic” accent) people will notice and your video will feel kinda bogus and unprofessional.


Voice-Overs Are The Key To Take Action

You already know that a voice-over can lead the viewer to the actions that follow in your explainer video; this means that your voice actor will have to announce your call-to-action out loud at the end to lead your potential customers towards the action you want them to perform (whether it’s subscribing to your newsletter, downloading an eBook, purchasing a product etc.). Overall, there’s nothing better than using the right voice to guide them.


Now you can see (and hear!) how a voice-over isn’t just an actor disguising his or her voice and why it’s actually one of the key elements of creating a great animated explainer video. You just have to know how you’re going to show your business idea to the right audience and pick a fine voice actor, and that’s no easy peasy task either so tune those ears up!


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