Trololo! As humans, we have our own musical instrument: our vocal chords! When it comes to explainer videos, does the voice really matter?


Let us put it this way: voiceovers can help you achieve a harmonious, rhythmical communication or a cranky, off-tone disaster.


Voiceovers are no less than the voice in your explainer video. They narrate what’s being seen onscreen and help add meaning and context to the imagery. So what do you think? Yes, voiceovers are really important in explainer videos! And videos are an essential component of any inbound marketing campaign.

Inbound marketing… what? Well, if your brand’s online, you should be thinking about it. Let us explain it quickly:

Now that you are into what inbound marketing is and how explainer videos can help, let us proceed with the importance of voiceovers in explainer videos.

They Add Personality to Your Video

When choosing a professional voice actor for your explainer video, there are some things to consider. The gender, age and place of birth of the chosen person are essential as they can give a certain tone to what is being said. Picking a language is not enough: for instance, think about the tone of voice of a New Yorker versus that of an Aussie.

Voices are unique, and so is your product. That is why you must infuse it with a personality that will give your viewers a sense of belonging, thus stimulating engagement.

Pro Voiceovers Have Groove!

Remember when you were told a night time story as a kid? The expressiveness of your mom or dad’s voice was so important! The same thing happens with explainer videos. A good voice actor can give your video the right feel by expressing happiness, sorrow, solemnity or even excitement. On the contrary, dull or annoying voices can lead your audience to lose interest, stop watching your video and even not represent your business at all.

Professional voice actors are specially qualified to add the right highs, lows, and pauses to your story.

Voiceovers Also Talk About the Quality of Your Video

As an integral part of your explainer video, its voiceover will also express your video quality. And why is this so important? Because your explainer video represents your brand! A good quality video will translate into a quality brand to those who are getting to know you or are informing themselves further about your business.

See what a great quality explainer video looks like!

Yummy Tip: Learn about other traits that make a quality explainer video here.

They Display Your Credibility

Trust is another key element that will turn the people who watch your video into customers.

For this reason, having a native, human voice actor is the only right choice when it comes to trustworthy explainer videos. Just think about it: if you choose someone who does not speak in the same way as your audience, —or if you opt for software voiceovers, which always have , automated robotic voices— people will notice! Your video will feel phony and unprofessional.

Voiceovers Are the Key to Taking Action

As you already know, voiceovers help narrate what is being seen, so it is a no brainer that they can also lead viewers to take action. Your voiceover can announce your call to action out loud and invite your viewers towards whatever action it is you want them to make in order for them to follow your conversion funnel. See?

So, what do you think about voiceovers now? It is true that, with the visual capabilities of videos, we tend to forget that sound is also an essential component in making a good animated video (audiovisuals, right?). And voiceovers are a huge part of this!

If you are keen on knowing how to boost your inbound marketing with an explainer video, just download our free eBook. This year, take your marketing game to the next level! 


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