Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-MONEY-PLANT-thumbDeciding where to put or how to use the money for your company is certainly a delicate issue, so if you have second thoughts about whether or not to make an animated explainer video, we totally get it.

That uncertainty can be alleviated with information, though. Let us walk you through some facts that will prove why these animated videos are such great marketing tools. The benefits they will provide you will confirm what a great investment they are.

So hell, yeah! You do need to invest in an animated explainer video, and this is why!


1. It’s The Most Effective Pitch

Videos are the most attractive and enjoyable material people consume nowadays. In times like these where everything out there is fighting to get your potential visitors’ attention, an animated marketing video works as the most effective way to tell your story.

Here's one of our best explainer videos, with great visuals and an engaging storyline:

If you manage to get people to your website, your animated video will help you keep them there for a while. It’s proven that an animated marketing video increases the average visit time by 2 minutes. Compared to the 8 seconds of attention an average person pays while visiting a website, this represents an astonishing 1500%!

This will help your website get a higher ranking in search engines like Google and people will be able to find your site easily and find out more about your company.


2. They Help You Sell More

Marketing videos are not only alluring resources that will help you tell your story to your audience. A single animated video can also grow conversions over 20% on average, according to several studies. Real talk: marketing videos will help you sell more!


By getting a clear idea about what your company is selling, people feel more compelled to make an actual purchase. You just need to make an appealing marketing video and the rest will be history!


3. Your Website Will Be Out There!

Since animated marketing videos will help you make your audience stay longer on your website, this will earn your website a higher ranking in Google, so your visibility will grow in the largest search engine in the world. People can then find your website, which is the first step towards making a purchase.


YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine, so you definitely must have an online presence there. By having your video on this powerful social network, you will get some sort of an external agent –a promotion tool that resides outside your website. If people find your video on YouTube, they can then go to your website to find out more about your company.

Our eBook “How To Rank #1 on YouTube” will help you with that.


4. It Makes Your Audience Aware Of Your Brand

The more customized your video is, the deeper the connection it will develop with your audience. If you make a video that’s been specially designed to whomever is watching, then this person will not only be able to become a customer but also an evangelizer of your brand.

In a custom explainer video, you can craft everything in order to tailor to your message and make it personal. In addition, you need to create characters that your audience can relate to, use the colors of your brand so your viewers can remember it and never lose sight of the problems of your audience.

This association of images with your company will build effective brand awareness that will translate into actual sales.

Check out how, in order to increase this startup’s online branding, we used the colors of the mobile app in backgrounds, characters and devices, and also how we created customized characters aimed at their target audience:


5. An Investment With A Huge Return

A recent survey revealed that video was ranked as the most reviewed type of content during the buying decision process. This is why animated marketing videos have the best ROI!


Aiming for the best explainer video represents an investment, and you may have your doubts about making one but the benefits they will bring will definitely surpass whatever initial amount of money you may have spent.


Your startup needs to invest in an animated explainer video. And we hope you’re now totally sold on the idea. It is natural that you’re concerned about investing your capital, but making a wise decision like this one will erase any doubt. You should rather prepare yourself for the benefits they will bring!


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