Video content has  strong emotional power and by making use of it, you can encourage your potential customers to take action in the direction you want. Video is highly memorable and shareable, and this way you can maximize your video's persuasive potential.

But the question is…why does video content generate such strong emotions? What's the scientific explanation behind it? Read this and discover the power of emotions in video marketing.


Animated video production for "FLYLADY PREMIUM" by Yum Yum Videos.


When you watch a movie and you see someone crying or laughing, there's some kind of connection with you  and that character. It can even happen when the character frowns his brows, you end up doing the same.

The explanation behind this lies on what is called “mirror neurons”. The mirror neurons react in a very similar way to how your brain would react if you were in the same situation as the person you're watching. This means that we could be experiencing the same feeling/emotion of those we see on screen. This process makes the viewer feel much more emotionally involved. Just think about the typical example of the “contagious yawn”!

By creating an explainer video, you can trigger different emotions in your audience. You can also generate a strong connection and empathy. For instance, by crafting the characters and backgrounds with having your target audience in mind, you can make them feel identified with the problem you present (and that they actually have) and the solution you offer (and that is actually what they're looking for).

Animation is awesome since it gives you the chance to go even further and make your characters be seen as if they were real people. Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks or any other animation studio take advantage of this all the time.

Watch this clear example and see how it leverages the emotional power of video:


As Emily Ross comments, there's  research that shows that images that elicit emotional responses cause our brains to release a chemical called oxytocin. What's the effect it causes? Oxytocin helps us form empathy, triggers emotional connections and even helps to build trust towards a product or brand. But there´s more: that emotional connection is a key part to increase your conversion rates: according to an analysis made by  IPA data BANK, which contains 1,400 case studies of successful advertising campaigns, it's been demonstrated that campaigns with purely emotional content performed about twice as well (31% vs. 16%) as campaigns with only rational content.

If you include in your explainer video well-designed and high quality animated characters, you will enhance that intrinsic emotional power that video has even more. Animated characters will make your audience feel identified with, will bring a more human and personal approach to the message you want to deliver, and will also add a fun touch, which will make it even more memorable.

Watch this amusing and cool video, with no more, no less than…Superman as the main character, receiving an offer to buy the skirt of Wonder Woman!

Notice how we've designed and animated the characters to enhance the emotional connection:


Scientists now know that people feel first, and think second. The emotional brain processes sensory information in one fifth of the time our cognitive brain takes to assimilate the same input. And since emotions have been vital for human survival over centuries, it’s obvious that they are such a primal reaction that we always pay attention to. We are always aware of how we feel. If the video pulls any strong emotional response (whether positive or negative) it is twice as likely to be shared than content that triggers a weak emotional response.

You can leverage the power of emotions in video content to get closer to your potential customers, and enhance their engagement by relating your product and message to something they need, desire or can relate to. Take advantage of it!

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