Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-PIGGY-thumbHave you wondered why some explainer videos cost more than others? What are the things that affect a video production budget?

Today we’ll teach you the four main factors that directly affect the video production process.



1. Technique

There are many different animated video styles and techniques. You have motion graphic videos, whiteboard animations, cartoon animation style, 3D animation and so on. The budget for your video is directly related to the chosen animation technique, because some of them require more work than others, and this may require more production time and more people working on the same video.

Why don’t you check out our short animated marketing video explaining the most popular animated video styles for your business? It’s super handy!

2. Quality


Quality will definitely alter your budget.

In order to make a high quality animated marketing video, the production company needs to have qualified professionals in each one of the video production steps (check our free infographic to learn them all). This means that you’ll need at least one producer, a creative director, a scriptwriter, a voice actor, a storyboarder, an illustrator, an animator specialized in character animation, another one in motion graphics, a video editor and a sound and special FX engineer. You need between 8 and 10 professionals in order to make a quality video and that won’t be inexpensive.

There are more affordable options than a custom animated explainer video, such as template videos or companies which offer smaller teams with multitasking employees. But, of course, the video quality isn’t going to be the same and will affect your marketing goals (Read why the quality of a marketing video directly affects your marketing goals).

3. Deadlines

We’ve already mentioned that a good animated marketing video needs a professional team of around 10 people. Besides, the average production time lies between 5 to 8 weeks.

Well, there’s the possibility of making things a lot faster, but that would mean you would have your team working extra hours, which would generate higher production costs and, in turn raise your video price. In other words, the deadline you set on the finished video is a factor that will also affect your budget. If your company needs the video completed now, then the budget will definitely increase!

As we mentioned before, some companies use pre-designed animations and graphics and there’s even software you can use to do it yourself. That way, you can actually make an animated video in a couple of days to get by, but it won’t be anywhere near 10 professionals working on your marketing video.

Our fastest-made animated marketing video took no less than 2 weeks, and we worked hard like crazy!

4. Length

The length of your video is a key budget factor. It’s not the same process to make a 3-minute explainer video than a 30-second one, because the explainer video production company will need to write a longer script and draw a larger storyboard, design more graphics, craft a lot more animation, and so on. We always recommend making your video as short as possible, but without compromising vital information about your brand. The secret is to be selective and downright.

Watch how you can make a great animated marketing video that is just 30 seconds long:

Now, if your want to learn more about animated video production, visit our Explainer Video Academy, where you can get all of our great educational eBooks, infographics and slides for free. 
Now you’ve learned the most important things that will affect your video production budget. Bear in mind that an animated video production process is not as simple as ABC!

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