Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-APPIER-still-THUMBMany online businesses have been using characters in their animated marketing videos. Actually they’ve been using them so much that cartoon animation is one of the most popular explainer video styles. But why is it such a popular style? Why do animated characters matter in an animated marketing video?

Today, you'll learn the 5 main reasons why animated characters are so important in explainer video production.


1. Storytelling

Stories, fables and tales of all kinds have been used to teach, explain new things and communicate for thousands of years. And in all of them, there’s a key element that connects these stories: the use of characters. Characters are the ones that make stories unfold: things happen to them and they act in consequence.

Storytelling (and therefore the characters) makes an animated marketing video fun and entertaining to watch, driving enough time for you to explain your business idea and lead people to recall your video and your brand.

Watch how the main character leads the story in this animated marketing video:

It’s proven that an animated marketing video embedded on a website boosts visit time by 2 minutes on average. This helps the site rank higher on search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing) by considering it as of interest and helps increase sales by 20% on average.


2. Audience Identification

Here’s another great thing about animated characters: by making your video fully custom, you can design your characters to make them look like your target audience and even replicate well-known places to them in the backgrounds, such as offices, coffee stores or entire city landscapes.

By making your animated characters resemble your audience, they’ll immediately identify with the video. This makes the video way more engaging and helps to grow trust in your brand; because your target audience learns that your company truly understands and represents them.

Here are two examples on how you can achieve this identification feeling with a custom explainer video.

In the first one, you’ll see how the main character represents a 30-year-old entrepreneur who’s willing to make her company grow in the online world (click on the picture to watch the entire video):



Now in this one over here, you’ll see that the main character stands for a 35-year-old businessman that needs to coordinate his online meetings with his team members (click on the picture to watch the entire video):


3. Empathy and Emotions

As we have said before, characters have been used for centuries to generate identification and grow empathy and emotions. A well-animated character can make you laugh, cry, blush your cheeks and much more.

It’s natural to feel empathy with other people’s feelings, but in order to get that with your marketing video, your characters must be really well animated: they must look alive! If they can’t be lively, the desired effect is missed. This is why we always insist on getting a high quality video made.

Here’s a whiteboard video of ours where the main character is very expressive. Look at some of his faces and natural emotions (click on the picture to watch the entire video):



4. Humor

Animated characters allow you to add some humor to your marketing videos; this makes them more fun and memorable (as a great story does).

Ridiculous scenarios, impossible or crazy metaphors, can help you to explain the most complex concepts, giving the audience a good laugh at the same time and making them enjoy the explanation even more.

In this cool animated video, for example, watch how Superman himself uses an app to buy a pair of glasses and become his alter-ego, Clark Kent (click to watch the entire video):



Now watch how a hard-working marketer turns into a ferocious ninja, which is also an expert in email marketing (click on the picture to watch the entire video):



5. Conversions!

Eventually, all of this character animation matter leads to one thing: that’s right, more sales!

With the use of characters in an animated video, you get to explain your product or service in a few seconds and tell a wonderful story with lots of humor. The resulting engaging short video will make your sales skyrocket by 20% on average (and up to 60% on some cases). That’s why marketing videos are considered the type of content with the best ROI (return on investment) on the Internet.


We believe these 5 reasons are more than enough for you to start thinking about making your own animated explainer video, right?

We can help you with that: ask for a free quote or visit our Explainer Video Academy to get our educational eBooks, infographics and slides and boost  your video marketing campaigns.

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