Are you thinking about making an explainer video for your brand new product?

That's great! But attention! There's one thing you need to know for sure: in every explainer video production process, the script plays a key role. And, despite this, you will probably delegate this important task to the vendor who will produce it, it´s vital that - in order to get the best results - you know not only every step of the whole process, but also some important considerations before starting it. Join us in this blog post and get all the information you need!

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5 Key Considerations Before Starting Your Script

Let me share with you some basic information you should bear in mind before producing your animated marketing video.

#1: The true essence of explainer videos

It's important that you understand the difference between any marketing video online, and an explainer video. The former has one specific goal: to explain something. Typically, these videos are made to explain how a product / service works, and how it can solve a specific problem / need that your target audience might have. In general, they're short, animated, and placed in specific spots of your website or landing page. Have this in mind when developing the script.

#2: The importance of the script

The script is probably one of the most important stages of the video production process, as it sets up the foundations and the structure of the whole video itself. It involves the message to be conveyed and what the voice-over will say in the video. Due to its importance, it's vital that you (or the production company, better said) follows some basic guidelines to meet its goals.

#3: Different approaches for scriptwriting

You also have to know that every professional and video production company may have their own ways to approach scriptwriting. At Yum Yum, we always share information based on our own experience and best practices, but this is just one specific approach among many others out there.

#4: The balance between content and form

A marketing video has two main parts: the “content” is the message (script) you want to transmit. The “form” is how you're going to deliver that message, from a “visual” point of view (camera angles, character design, music, and stuff). What you have to know is that you'll get the best results by keeping a good balance between these two components. Keep this in mind ;)

#5: The key role of your target audience

As we've mentioned previously, your video will talk about a specific problem / need your target audience has. To achieve this, you really need to know them: you have to learn everything about their look, style, interests, behaviours, problems, and more, and capture it in the script. This is the only way you'll make an engaging video that resonates with them.  

Do you want to learn more about the scriptwriting process? Would you like to get a specific step-by-step guide on how to develop a successful script? We invite you to download this free eBook which will certainly give you all the information you need. Enjoy it!

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