I'm sure you've heard about them by now: explainer videos. This cost-effective and valuable tool can make a huge difference in your video marketing strategy, especially if you aim at getting more leads.

Animated marketing videos work very well for the consideration stage of the buyer's journey: this means that they can become an essential resource for you to give your prospects the big picture on how your product/brand can help them - and therefore encourage them to pick you out when the decision stage comes.

The next question could be: “what are the best explainer video styles if I want to get more leads?” Find all the answers below!

First Things First

Before we dive into the different video styles, one important thing you have to bear in mind (depending on the product you offer, the marketing goals you pursue and the target audience you aim for), some styles could work better than others. It's true that animated marketing videos are a very versatile and adaptable tool that offer huge possibilities for different types of companies from many different industries. But it's also a fact that some styles fit better with some specific companies. Today you'll learn a little bit more about this. And you will also learn about what each style can offer you.

Let's start with a quick preview:

The 5 Most Popular Explainer Videos Styles

No doubt, that video was really explanatory while also fun! :) But additionally, we would love to share with you some additional information about each style. This way you'll be able to really capture the essence of each style and understand which one fits better with your business.

As you can imagine, the digital world is full of different marketing video styles, with different names and different approaches. We, at Yum Yum, prefer to summarize them by listing the 5 most popular explainer videos styles you can find out here. Check them out!

#1: Character animation

This is probably one of the most popular explainer video styles. Character animation videos are like the perfect mix between information (you educate your audience about some specific benefits/features your product has) and emotion (animated characters add the perfect dose of cuteness and humour you need to soak through the screen). Ideal for B2C markets, although B2B companies can also resort to them to give their brand a friendlier and warmer approach.

Character animation offers you a wide range of possibilities to get creative and get to your audience with a fun, lovable and effective video.

Watch this example!

#2: Screencast video

What if you own a startup business and have a limited budget? A screencast video can work perfectly in your case! It's just about using a screen capture or even a video filmed on a computer or smartphone to give your audience a comprehensive explanation (not longer than 5 minutes) about your product. This style is generally used for educational or try-before-you-buy campaigns, but it's not the best alternative if you want to carry out a branding initiative or a paid marketing campaign.

#3: Whiteboard animation video

Personally, this is one of my favorites! Whiteboard animation videos are catchy, engaging, entertaining and, at the same time, educative! It's amazing how a drawing hand - together with a compelling message - can instantly grab the viewer's attention. While a long time ago these videos were made by an artist drawing on a whiteboard while being recorded, nowadays this technique has improved a lot, offering you a wide range of possibilities, from 2D character animation to special effects. It's a great choice for IT solutions, computer software companies and B2B campaigns.



Tip: have you decided to go with whiteboard animation? Then avoid these 4 fatal mistakes!

#4: Motion graphics video

If you need to pass out complex information but, at the same time, you want to generate strong engagement with your audience, then a motion graphics video can be a great alternative. It combines an elegant style using syntax and metaphors, and a full pallet of colors that makes it even more attractive. In other words, it uses graphic elements, such as shapes, colors and patterns, to transmit a message through a smooth movement. Pick it out if you have a startup or SMB from financial or technology industries. It will definitely help you deliver your message!  

#5: Live action video

If you are aiming to building a more personal approach with your audience, a live action video can work very well. This type of video is recorded using a camera, showing real people in real scenes. It's also a very versatile style that can be mixed with other techniques, such as 3D animation or motion graphics, increasing your chances of explaining ideas that would be very hard to explain without using these resources.


So, have you already made up your mind? Which style will you go with? If you still have doubts, don't hesitate to get in touch with us! We can help you find the best fit for you!
Finally, we invite you to keep on surfing our blog for more tips and trends on video marketing. Enjoy it!  

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