This fast-paced modern world doesn't give us a break: we are constantly bombarded with tons of information on social and traditional media.

That's why it's so important that you find a wise way to connect with your audience on a different level, as they are becoming immune to even the best types of content. Explainer videos are no exception: you really need to work on a fully custom video to get the best marketing results out of it. Why is this SO important?

Your image is your biggest asset

Template videos can be highly damaging for your brand's image. Have in mind that your video is a unique and powerful piece of content that you can leverage to communicate your unique product/service proposition. So make a fully custom video to get the most out of this instance! Template videos, just for you to know, are generally low quality and give an impression of being bad and cheap. Consider this: you don't want your audience to think that your product is second rate TOO, right? Then focus on making the best video possible.


Animated video production for "SUPER LONG LIFE" by Yum Yum Videos.

Tip: to get the best ROI, we recommend that you hire a professional video production company who can give you a hand on every step of the process and also help you to fully customize your video. If you want to get some useful tips on how to choose your vendor, download this free eBook.

Stand out from the competition

People will instantly notice that they're watching a template video. And what is worse: they will start perceiving similarities with other videos they might have watched before (other companies´ videos will have similar designs of characters and other elements, animations, soundtracks, general structure, etc.). You have to make your video unique and incredible! A custom high quality video will definitely help your brand stand out and emphasize all the benefits your product offers, while also providing your potential customer with the exact solution he/she is looking for.

Brand awareness

Personalizing your video is also a great opportunity to reinforce your brand identity. By making a custom video you have the chance to apply your brand color palette and help your audience identify WHO's behind that unique selling proposition. Moreover, you'll make it easier for them to remember your video afterwards.

As an example, watch this video that was selected by Hubspot as one of the best explainer videos on the web:


Animated video production for "GIGTOWN" by Yum Yum Videos.

Audience identification

If you work on a custom video, you have the chance of generating a strong connection with your audience. And believe me: in such a competitive world, this is priceless! With a custom video, you can fully personalize all the elements (characters, backgrounds and more) based on the target audience you're aiming to and the marketing goals you're pursuing. Hence, if your audience feels identified with the story you're telling and how you present the characters, they will feel much more engaged and motivated to keep on watching.

Personalize every stage

Just to clarify any doubts, when you make a custom video you don't just have the chance to personalize the characters and backgrounds, but also EVERY stage of the video production process. This is great as it gives you a huge opportunity to deliver the message you want, 100% tailored to the audience you're targeting, while you also reinforce your brand identity.


Animated video production for "SEARCH AND MAP" by Yum Yum Videos.


(we could also have put this bullet first, as it all comes down to one of the main benefits of personalizing your content: “conversions”). Generic is the enemy of conversions. Conversely, when you tailor your message for your specific audience, you will generate a strong connection. This is: your message will have more resonance as it means something to your audience. And this, of course, will have a strong effect on your conversion rates.

Overall, personalization is the only way to grab your audience's attention. Otherwise, they will feel that the message is totally impersonal and maybe even annoying and discouraging. Have you already experienced the benefits of making a custom video? Share your case with us!


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