You've probably heard that video content is a very useful tool to drive qualified leads to your website.

Explainer videos have some unique characteristics that turn them into your key ally to improve your SEO efforts: they are very engaging and easily shareable. Moreover, due to their characteristics, they can help you boost your online visibility dramatically.

Join us in this blog post and learn in depth why they're such a fantastic tool to improve your position in Google!


The Right Place, The Right Results

Did you know that by embedding an explainer video in your home page or product page you can quickly grab your prospect's attention and make them stay on your site longer? Animated marketing videos are very appealing and have a strong power not only to capture attention instantly but also to keep it...and hey, this is great to strengthen your SEO efforts. Let me put it straight: by embedding a catchy, engaging marketing video in your website you can increase the time on page rate dramatically, while you also reduce the bounce rate. The rise of the time on page rate and a decrease in the bounce rate are two key factors that Google takes into consideration when it comes to positioning your website in its results.

This a good example of how an explainer video has helped Spigit to improve their online visibility.



Tip: psst! The more time your prospect spends on your website the more feasible it is that they will  visit other sections and follow the Call To Actions...which hopefully translates into more sales ;)

Reaching The World With YouTube

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and the 3rd biggest social network in the world. Being there means that you can be exposed to millions of users that may run into you to learn more about your product/brand. You HAVE TO be there. No choice! This will give you the chance to boost your online visibility radically.

But there's more: YouTube videos rank on Google searches, another great chance to improve your SEO efforts. By having a presence on youTube and by doing things right (check out these tips to optimize your YouTube video) you can improve your position in Google’s searches.

Tip: we have compiled some additional useful tips in our free eBook called “How to rank number #1 on YouTube”. They might help you a lot too! ;)

We ourselves have used this video to improve our SEO.


Sharing also means free promoting

Did you know that video is one of the most shareable forms of marketing content? When someone posts your video on their blog, Facebook page or Twitter profile, all this contributes to getting more visitors to your site, which ultimately improves your SEO efforts. Of course, to get to that point, you have to do your part too: do some great networking, be active on social media, get in touch with some key influencers, and generate social buzz. This way you'll be encouraging your target audience and your key partners to share your video on the web, and this will provide you with great benefits for your business.

Now, hands on deck! Try these techniques out and let us know how it all went!

Finally, don't miss this blog in which we share 5 practical ways to improve your SEO efforts. Happy reading!

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