Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-DOC-MARTY-2015-thumbEveryone on the web anxiously anticipating the future of online marketing. What will be the next cost-effective step? What kind of marketing content should you bet on?

Social media experts, influential marketers and blogs, as well as survey companies around the world agree on one thing: video is taking over the online marketing world and it’ll be the future of online marketing! 


You need to be ready for what’s coming: let’s read the latest video marketing studies and announcements so that you’re ready for this marketing revolution. Fasten your seatbelt!


Video Marketing Takes Over Social Media

At the moment, 81 % of US-based marketers are using marketing videos in their online campaigns but more than 70% of them plan to increase their video advertising budgets over the next year! That’s great encouragement for those who haven’t tried marketing videos already. But the biggest game will be played on social media. Read on!

Over the last year, video content has grown so much on the biggest social networks that they had to quickly conduct brand-new video marketing analysis strategies and even release new video promotion services. Let’s see how each main social network dealt with the video marketing scenario:


1. Facebook


Facebook wanted to learn the true impact of marketing videos in their newsfeed so they hired the prestigious agency Nielsen to conduct a survey. The analysis revealed that -during the first 10 seconds- marketing videos on Facebook:

● Increase brand awareness up to 65%.

● Boost purchase intent up to 72%.

● Enhance video recall up to 74%.

The survey places video not only as one of the most engaging types of marketing content, but also as the most efficient marketing tool! Read more about Facebook’s survey.


2. Twitter


The folks at Twitter didn’t make survey or analysis on video marketing impact, they just acted! Over the last months they launched:

● Promoted Video Ads: advertisers could now upload and distribute marketing videos and measure its reach and effectiveness of the content with video analytics tools.

● Native Video Player: hitting hard on YouTube, Twitter’s own video player allows up-to-10-minute videos with no size limit.

● Video Embedding: users can now take their favorite videos from Twitter and place them on their websites without the need of another video host or player. 

Read more about Twitter’s latest announcements.


3. YouTube and Google


YouTube folks know the game: they’re the 1st video hosting site and 2nd largest search engine in the world after all. Stepping ahead of video marketing strategies, they’ve recently revamped their analytics tool so that people don’t need to go back and forth from Google AdWords, simplifying video marketing campaigns for advertisers.

On the other hand, its father Google conducted another video marketing study revealing that marketing videos are the best marketing choice for app promotion, because they increase app download rates by 10% on average and bear a 40% lower cost-effective rate, compared with other ad formats.


After all of this you can’t deny that video marketing is the future of social media!

But how can you seize it?


Webinars, screencast videos and live-action shorts are great ways of applying videos to your social media strategy, but it’s proven that animated explainer videos are the perfect marketing tool to make your brand stand out: they’re engaging, super compelling and they can also grow sales by 20% on average.

Watch this fun animated explainer video as an example:


Let’s check out these outstanding present-day statistics on our cool infographic (download the full version for free) and prepare for the online marketing future:



Video Marketing Takes Over The World!

88 miles per hour!

We left it pretty clear that video is already taking over social media, but how about the future?

Listen: in 3-years’ time, marketers predict that video will take over the entire online marketing world!

Indeed, Cisco predicts that nearly 90% of the world’s Internet traffic would be a form of video (including marketing videos but also online TV and video on demand services) and almost 70% of mobile traffic worldwide is going to be online video traffic!


Coincidently with Facebook’s latest survey, Mark Zuckerberg himself announced that his social network will bet on video marketing over the next years. He claimed: “if you look in the future a lot of the content that people share will be video, and videos fit very well into our newsfeed.

These words may sound dovelike, but they’re not: they’re a direct future war statement to the king of social videoYouTube!

Twitter won’t sit tight either. As a growing video marketing platform now with their own native video player, they’re willing to become a full online media platform over the next few years, adding even more competitive video promotional services.

Let’s use our cool infographic once again (get the free full version) and read the awesome future statistics:



Now you have solid proof: the future of online marketing comes in the form of video, so get your video budget and your animated explainer videos ready. Don’t let your company get left behind!


But before you start planning your video marketing campaign, don’t forget to visit our Explainer Video Academy: inside you’ll learn more about the video marketing world and get the chance to download our free marketing eBooks, infographics, slides and more.

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