Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-Facebook-vs-YouTube-THUMBWe all know that video is the future of online marketing, even Mark Zuckerberg says so! The greatest battle to social media marketing leadership is coming and Facebook is betting all on video content, hitting hard on YouTube. Are you ready for the video marketing war?



Ready, Aim… Play!

To learn the magnitude of this upcoming marketing war, let’s analyze a recent public announcement by Mark Zuckerberg. He says: “if you look in the future a lot of the content that people share will be video, and videos fit very well into our newsfeed.

These words can sound wide-eyed but they’re not. They’re a direct war statement to the king of social video: YouTube! And they can be translated as “We’re going for video!” And we know that when Facebook makes a move, there’s something really big coming next.



Facebook isn’t alone: Twitter and the rest are joining the war too!

Twitter gave a step ahead by launching a beta version of Promoted Video Ads and announcing its own native video player (take that, YouTube!).

On the micro-video side, Vine (owned by Twitter) and Instagram (owned by Facebook) have recently launched its own video promotion and analytics tools. Pinterest seems to be going by the same road.



How this will affect your business? 

Well, a video age is coming and you need to be ready! This means that if your business hasn’t tried video promotion yet, it might be heading backwards. The same thing happened at the end of the 90’s with companies that didn’t have a website. Competition is more and more ferocious so you can’t miss this chance!

The main types of marketing video content out there are the so-called animated explainer videos. These usually short animated videos are made to explain a product or service in a fun and entertaining way. Here’s a fine example of an explainer video:

Surveys reveal that 81% of US-based online companies are already producing video content for their campaigns and plan to raise their video marketing budget this year.


So should your business start promoting its marketing videos on Facebook now?

Well, not exactly. Facebook’s native video promotion is now live but it’s just a service for big advertisers (basically, because it’s super expensive for small businesses).

However, it’s just a matter of time before Facebook adjusts its video marketing screws and welcomes startups, small businesses and advertisers to promote their own video ads and explainer videos on the world’s largest social network.


In the meantime, keep hosting your videos on YouTube, which remains the 2nd largest search engine in the world (only after its father Google). You can learn the basics on how to rank higher on YouTube over here.


There’s a video marketing war coming, so you’d better have your strategy ready when the next battle begins!

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