Are you keen on turning all those website visitors into opportunities? We know you are! That’s why we made this super simple guide to follow for your road to marketing success.

Take note of these three easy steps and see your results soar!


Animated video production for "AIMsi" by Yum Yum Videos.

1. Simplify
Keeping things simple is super important for your site’s success. From copy to design, evaluate every element and ask yourself: could it be simplified?
Although it might seem natural to explain your business fully, jargon is usually hard to understand and it doesn’t really help  your value proposition. Being clear is far more important than looking super pro with hyper complex words!
Tip: When writing your copy, always put on your audience’s shoes. Speak to them as they would speak to themselves!
Calls to Action (CTA’s)
It is great to have one simple call to action, but you can also have several on a single page. The secret is hierarchy: CTA’s on a page must not compete with each other! If you confuse your visitors with too many options, chances are, choice paralysis will set in, with the end result of users making no choice at all (Marketing Land).
Tip: If you want to learn more about choice paralysis, watch this super interesting TED talk by psychologist Barry Schwarts.
Site Structure
Simplify your conversion funnel! Reduce steps to a minimum, but always consider that you should keep key information so that your visitors have enough reasons to convert.
Your web design should also help on the path to conversions! Highlighting what’s relevant is crucial. It is not only using a certain color that will drive conversions, but also generating contrast between elements in the overall context of your page with the ultimate goal of keeping things hierarchized. Make your CTA’s stand out and be creative!
2. Turn to Explainer Videos!
Now that you have simplified your site, make sure the content you include is top-notch.
Did you know the attention span of the average internet user is shorter than a goldfish’s? As weird as that sounds, it means that most visitors will keep their focus for just 8 seconds! To avoid users from navigating away from your landing page, include an explainer video above the fold of your website. Watch this really cute one and discover why you should have your own video.

Why is it that explainer videos work so well?
  • They address objections right away: as they are super clear and informative through the use of visuals, narrative and sound, a video will help confront those natural objections users will have when thinking about taking your offer.
  • They engage those elusive visitors: The lovely characters, funny animations and compelling storytelling of a professional marketing video will keep users hooked.
  • They boost trust and memory: The video can help you focus on your target audience by portraying your buyer persona and solving their problems through the use of your super-duper product, helping create trust towards your brand.
See below how awesome an animated video can be!
3. Responsive Web Design

Did you know Google ranks responsive websites higher? This can have huge payoffs for your SEO strategy! A responsive website will automatically adjust to any screen size it is being viewed on: it will “respond” to the display perfectly.

The main advantage of this is that mobile visitors will enjoy a better experience, free of clutter, small text or too much excessive scrolling on their smartphones. If you take into consideration that mobile internet users are thought to top 2 billion worldwide in 2016, your website should definitely go mobile!



Animated video production for "TAWLAT" by Yum Yum Videos.

4. A/B Testing

Now that you have simplified your site and your content is A-level, let’s put things to the test! Though it may sound complex, A/B testing is actually quite simple and can do wonders to your insights.

A/B testing consists plainly on creating two alternative versions of the page to test, page A and page B. Once complete, A/B testing software such as the one provided by Hubspot will redirect half of your incoming traffic to page A, and the remaining half to page B. Considering both pages have two different calls to action, you can then view in your analytics which one drove the most conversions and keep it as your final version!

Tip: For A/B testing to work, ensure you only make one change at a time. Otherwise, you won’t be sure how each tweak impacted your conversions.

See? With this four-step guide, all it takes to boost your conversions is creativity and planning. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different alternatives and new versions of your site. You never know what improvements in response you can get!

If you are keen on knowing what kind of marketing video is best for your brand to increase conversions, why not check out what is the best explainer video style for your business? It is a super fun and easy to understand video. You can also download our eBook Explainer Videos: The Ultimate Marketing Tool in our Explainer Video Academy!


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