Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-PROMOTION-GIRL-thumbnailAn explainer video has many marketing advantages: it can explain your product or service in a few seconds, increase your sales and boost your online visibility. But -as you might have guessed- all of this won’t happen if you only embed your video on your website, sit back and wait.

In order to collect the full benefits from your video, you need to incorporate your explainer video in your marketing campaigns and promote it anywhere you can! (We’ve written an entire eBook about this matter, please get it here for free).

Today you’ll learn how to make hundreds of people watch your video every day, without spending a single dime!



So what’s the big secret for free explainer video promotion? Well, Video SEO (search engine optimization), of course! Making your video rank high in search engines like Google or YouTube can make your sales skyrocket!

Today, let’s focus on how to rank #1 on YouTube with your explainer video. This strategy will not just make your brand rank high on the most popular video host, but also in search engines like Google and Yahoo!Let’s use our video (“What’s The Best Explainer Video Style for your Business”) as a real case study to explain how it works:

This animated video of ours ranks #1 on YouTube under the main keywords in our market (which are “explainer video” and “best explainer video”). By using it as a reference, we’ll guide you through the essential Video SEO steps and give you some free related educational content along the way.

Let’s start!


1. Make The Best Explainer Video Ever

First things first: don’t make an animated marketing video just for the sake of it.

An animated marketing video is a powerful marketing tool, so you need to make it stand out in order to get the best marketing results. Make it fully custom so that your target audience can feel immediately identified with it. This creates immediate engagement and trust in your brand, and all of this translates into better marketing results and more sales.


Don’t skimp on the quality: high-quality videos make your brand look professional, while low-quality ones make your company look bad.

To make the best video ever, you must hire the best explainer video company! Download our free eBook “How to Choose the Right Explainer Video Company for your Business” and learn how to do it the right way.


2. Apply The Right Keywords

Attracting your potential customers with the right words for your product or service is vital. So choose the keywords that define your business and apply them in your video’s headline, descriptions and tags.



In order to learn what the most valuable words in your niche are, use the keyword planner tool in Google AdWords. This free tool only requires a simple registration and can give you very important data.

Now, if your business keyword is too competitive in a YouTube search, use a longtail keyword, (fitting your main keyword into a longer and more specific sentence)so that the right people find your video easily. Ours was “Best Explainer Video Style”.


3. Use A Clever Title

Titles are your video’s headlines, so they need to be accurate and relevant: if you cheat on what people are going to watch to get more attention you’ll eventually get large view drops-off and this will negatively affect your SERP (search engine rank position) for good.

Don’t forget to include your business keywords towards  in the title, but keep them short: less than 70 characters is the best for a YouTube title, since titles longer than that are truncated in the search results.

Here’s the title of our animated video:



4. Write A Description

Always write a clear-cut video description for your YouTube video but don’t forget to use your business keywords and a direct link to your website in it. We always recommend not making  your description longer than two or three lines.

Here’s how we wrote our description in our animated marketing video:


You can also write out the entire transcription of your video script following your description; people may won’t read it, but it gives you the opportunity to add in some more keywords.


Anyway, these were just a few tips on how to promote your marketing video. If you really want to learn more then download our free eBook: “You Have Your Explainer Video Done… Now What?”.

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