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For today, we've chosen 5 great video marketing campaigns that created a lot of buzz, went viral and achieved amazing results. Some creative videos that will certainly catch your attention... Check them out!
  • 1. GoPro: Fireman Saves Kitten

GoPro stands out as one of the leaders in the trend of building a brand around viral videos. But the most interesting thing is that the company has implemented a great way of involving their own fans in content curation by inviting them to create their own videos and making them go viral. In other words, they've fostered such  strong loyalty and engagement among their fans that they themselves have become the brand's ambassadors.   

The brand usually makes use of ads related to sports and extreme activities, but this one differs in that it represents a real-life rescue story.

Results: the video became the brand’s most-viewed campaign of the year, with more than 30 million views. Advertising Age also granted the video with its Best User-Created Viral Ad award.

Pro Tip: GoPro made its viewers feel intrigued and mobilised on an emotional level. At the same time, they expressed in the video, a specific feature of its products: the ability to capture significant and memorable moments in people's life.

2. Old Spice: Response Campaign

The Old Spice advertising campaign was implemented by Wieden+Kennedy agency, in different stages. As a quick summary: in February 2010 they launched the campaign called “Smell Like A Man, Man” (the first commercial was called “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” and it had had great success). Now let's check the commercial:

Another spot, “Questions,” debuted in June 2010, Shortly after the debut of this spot, W+K developed an interactive digital campaign leveraging the popularity of the “Old Spice Guy.” This one was referenced as the Old Spice Response Campaign. What was the special thing about it? The Old Spice Guy posted personal video responses to fans online, in real time. Isn't it just great? Check this for example: 

On Twitter, @kevinrose wrote "i'm considering buying old spice body wash just so they keep making these epic commercials"; and this was the response:

Ok, you could be asking yourself: “how did they make it?” W+K built a digital system from scratch to manage social comments. This system took mentions of Old Spice from different  online sources in a way that allowed the team to quickly organize questions and comments by influence and creative potential. The team selected the comments, wrote the answers, and these replies were then sent by the system to a teleprompter, filmed and -once completed- posted online. 

The campaign became a cultural phenomenon, generating  great word-of-mouth buzz online and offline. Let's review some figures:

  • more than 105 million YouTube views of the campaign
  • 2700% increase in Twitter followers
  • 800% increase in Facebook fan interaction
  • 300% increase in traffic to

Pro Tip: Old Spice found an interesting way to redefine its own image, relating its brand to young men rather than being viewed as an “elder man's” product. They found an amazingly wise way to use their weakness as a strength (with its 70-year brand heritage the brand was “experienced” and well positioned to be an expert on masculinity).    

3. Girls Season 3

To build anticipation on Girls Season 3, HBO launched an Instagram-themed “In Production" clip and, after this, they empower it with a 15-second teaser trailer that the show’s creator and star Lena Dunham shared to her profile.

After this marketing move, they surpassed 1.5 million YouTube views on the trailer’s digital release.

Pro Tip: with this trailer, HBO found an awesome way of taking advantage of Instagram's video feature and its social buzz. They generated curiosity and created expectations on their fans - who were desperately waiting for the new season - by providing them with exclusive content.

4. Metro Trains “Dumb Ways To Die”

McCann Melbourne was the agency that implemented this successful campaign, which had one key goal: make people aware that due to train predictability, accidental death caused by contact with trains is quite possibly the dumbest way of all. They wanted to carry out a truly viral campaign, and they actually did it...

Metro Trains created a music video called ‘Dumb Ways To Die’ (DWTD), which had great success.  They complemented the action with gifts, a downloadable song on iTunes, a free smartphone game, a children's book and an ad-hoc website.

The campaign was a huge success. Just as a reference, in April 2014, the video had been viewed 77 million times on YouTube. In six weeks, DWTD gathered an estimated $60 million in earned media.

Pro Tip: the brand knew how to take advantage of a cool, fun and shareable song and cleverly seed it in specific channels. To complement this, they also worked a lot on social media PR and different engaging pieces of content.   

5. Coca-Cola Content 2020

Coca-Coca created this internal whiteboard animated video (which is divided into two parts) with one core mission: “All advertisers need a lot more content so that they can keep the engagement with consumers fresh and relevant, because of the 24/7 connectivity. If you’re going to be successful around the world, you have to have fat and fertile ideas at the core."

Coca-Cola Content 2020 works as a guideline to create ideas that are so contagious that can't be controlled. The basis to create the strategy lies on “brand stories” These brand stories create liquid and linked conversations. Marketers and content specialists need to act and react to those conversations 365 days a year, as Coke defines.

Both explainer videos represents Coca-Cola's strategic vision for the future. These are some of their main ideas:

  • Coca-Cola needs to move from creative excellence to content excellence.
  • They need to develop content intended to make the world a better place and to develop value and significance in people’s lives, while driving business objectives for the company.
  • Leveraging the stories they tell, they want to provoke conversations and earn a disproportionate share of popular culture.

Pro Tip: Coca-Cola 2020 is a great example of shared knowledge. This video is a must for every marketer who wants to know what Content Marketing is about.

Pretty amazing campaigns, right? Now tell us, what's your favorite one? Share your thoughts with us!

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