TGI #FridayDelight again! We so wanted to end the week, not only to have time to enjoy some cool videos, but also to show you one of our favorite animator’s work.

Today, we are featuring Portland’s Bill Plympton. *Applause*


Besides being a terrific animator, Bill is an awesome cartoonist with a genius wit for funny plots. Here at Yum Yum Videos we find these five videos are representative of his work, and also inspirational for us when making animated explainer videos. Enjoy the best moment of the week by watching some of his masterpieces!

The Simpsons Couch Gag

Isn’t it funny? Besides the great plot, we love watching the Simpson family in Plympton’s sketchbook-style illustrations. And the music! With its ups and downs, it is the perfect company for the twists in the story.

This couch gag aired on Beware My Cheating Bart, an episode from 2012. But Bill also made couch gags for other Simpsons’ episodes! Black Eyed, Please in 2013 and Married to the Blob, in 2014.

If you want to know some more awesome couch gags, read our article on 5 Simpsons Couch Gags That Pay Tribute To Animation.

25 Ways to Quit Smoking

If you are an avid smoker and have tried every technique to quit with no success, maybe this video’s for you (or, well… at least you can have a laugh at it!)

Like many other people, this poor gentleman just can’t quit his habit and seems to be suffering for it. The situations are overly comical and the expressive cartoons sure play their role in making us crack up… just look at that face on number 10!

Your Face

And talking about faces… no wonder this gem was nominated for an Academy Award! Made in 1987, the way in which the singer’s face changes shapes as he chants about the features of his lover’s is simply fantastic.

Have you noticed the eerie vocals are actually a woman’s? Maureen McElheron’s voice, which is featured in this short film, was slowed by one-third to make it sound masculine.

Guard Dog

The story in this short film is everything: the overly-imaginative guard dog finds a menace to his owner’s safety in absolutely everything he sees, though he never suspected he could be a terrible danger himself…

Besides the storyline, what made us crack up about this one is the pet’s hilarious facial expressions and the restless way in which it strolls through the park. It’s so full of character!

Hot Dog (Clip)

Ah! Did that leave you wanting more? Yup, us too. This short clip is enough already to keep us hooked on this cute dog’s story of giving purpose to his life.

Notice how versatile Plympton’s cartoon style is: he can portray an anxious, fiery dog as well as a cute, loveable one. Both are unique on their own, but at the same time they have one thing in common: the cartoonist’s own particular style. That’s something only great artists can achieve!

We bet you had fun watching those videos! It’s impossible not to love Bill Plympton’s sense of humor. Our favorite is Your Face… what’s yours?

Once again, thanks for reading! Be sure to have an awesome weekend and, if you’re in for some fun time at the cinema… pass the popcorn and tell us what you watched!

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