Hello again, you lovely Friday! And yes, hello again, you beautiful readers!

In our #FridayDelight article today, let us provide you with some childhood flashbacks as we demonstrate the work of an amazing artist, whose animations you definitely already know. His name is Charles Martin Jones, aka Chuck Jones.


Chuck is best known for directing hundreds of Looney Tunes short films. Yes, he was the mastermind behind a lot of them! Relive some good ol’ funny gags and indulge yourself with our selection of his masterpieces.

Looney Tunes, Rabbit of Seville

An all-time classic! We love watching Bugs as he disguises himself in various ways to deceive Elmer Fudd, while he is being prosecuted for having too much fun with Elmer’s non-existent hair and beard.

One of the awesome resources Chuck used in this animation is the expressiveness of the characters’ faces. Take a special look at Bugs Bunny doing his work so seriously and at Elmer being surprised, confused and angry…!

Merrie Melodies, What's Opera, Doc?

In this 1957 animated cartoon short,  Elmer Fudd chases Bugs Bunny through a parody of Richard Wagner's operas.

Chuck had the ability to enchant every single character with charm and personality, to the point of us even knowing how they would react in certain situations beforehand. And all of this with almost no dialogue! It’s brilliant.

Merrie Melodies, Feed the Kitty

Isn’t it the most adorable cartoon ever? That little kitty, impossible not to get into trouble because of it!

Another of the things we adore about the Looney Tunes is how the animation conveys textures so vividly. The kitty’s skin, the dog’s fur and the way in which he covers the little cat in the end so it can keep on sleeping snuggly, they’re all just adorable. We want to be there too!

Merrie Melodies, Duck Amuck

Duck Amuck is an animator’s favorite! It is certainly our preferred animation here at Yum Yum Videos. It makes fun of the process of producing animated cartoons while showing how everything was done as well. The hand-painted scenarios, the rubber erasing Daffy Duck, the pencil sketching and the sound problems are all hilarious.

And guess who was behind all of this mischief? Our favorite bunny, sure!

Bonus Track: Chuck Jones - The Evolution of an Artist

If you loved what you watched and want to know even more about some of Chuck’s artistic resources, don’t miss this short film analyzing his work. Plus, watch the master himself explain his vision on what he did.

Oh, the reminiscence! We could watch these cartoons again and again and still laugh like the first time Chuck’s animations delighted our eyes. Did you love the Looney Tunes as a kid? What’s your favorite character and why?

We wish you the best weekend ever, full of funny moments, Looney gags and adorable, tummy-aching childlike laughs. (Yes, that rhymes!) See you next week!

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