How come? it’s Friday again!

This week has flown by, but we’re fine with it because it’s time for another #FridayDelight, the time in our blog when we relax and enjoy some of the animated videos that we love the most.

Today we will be honoring the work of a Japanese film director who is responsible for award-winning, gorgeous movies. His name is Hayao Miyazaki and he is also a producer, screenwriter, animator, author, and manga artist. A truly renaissance man.


Regarding his work, Miyazaki has been described to be a combination of Walt Disney, Steven Spielberg and Orson Welles… and even Claude Monet when it comes to talking about his landscapes!

Interested in knowing more? Keep on reading to enjoy some dazzling movie clips and a trailer of his most known films.

Spirited Away

Spirited Away No Face Clip from Vance Luna on Vimeo.

The 2001 film Spirited Away tells the story of a ten-year-old girl who, while moving to a new neighborhood, enters the spirit world.

What we love about this movie clip is that it perfectly portrays a magnificent quality of Miyazaki’s characterization: it is with small, little gestures that he manages to convey profound personalities. In this clip, we see how courageous Chihiro is to pass right next to the faceless spirit. The way she thinks about it beforehand and the faint gesture on her face are both discrete but sure signs that point to this.

Fun fact: Hayao Miyazaki spent every summer vacation at a mountain cabin with his family and five girls who were friends with them. The idea for Spirited Away came to him based on this experience!

My Neighbor Totoro

Totoro - Cat Bus! from Kim Bueong on Vimeo.

Probably the most popular of Miyazaki’s films (well, it’s a dispute between this one and Spirited Away), My Neighbor Totoro tells the story of the two young daughters of a professor and their interactions with wood spirits during postwar rural Japan.

Produced in 1988, the film won the Animage Anime Grand Prix prize, the Mainichi Film Award and the Kinema Junpo Award for Best Film in 1988. It received the Special Award at the Blue Ribbon Awards as well!

Regarding Totoro, we admire that Miyazaki was careful enough not to anthropomorphize him too much, he preserves the mystery of the relationship between humans and creatures. There is something a little frightening about his size and languid movements, which hint at a devastating potential strength: Totoro is, by all means, a force of nature.

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