Hello, Friday lovers! As you may have already noticed… it’s #FridayDelight again!

That means it’s time to get comfy, relax and in this case, have a laugh at some fake and witty corporate videos.


But yes, dear readers, there is still a lot to learn in the midst of our laughing tears. So be sure to watch these videos and tell us what you think was great (or not!) about them.

1) WellDeserved: A Marketplace For Privilege

Have you ever felt special, but way too special as in “there is some of my specialness I could actually give away (for a profit)?” Then, WellDeseved is the place for you to be!

Besides the ridiculous idea of earning money from something that is actually of no cost to the users of this platform, audiences can actually identify this video as ironic because of how it was made. It includes commonplace resources from marketing startup videos that viewers can easily identify: the laughing, young and smart “privileged” people, Kasima Tharnpipitchai –the obnoxious brain behind it all, the cool Frisco environment and so on.

What does this mean? You should try to avoid these ideas if you’re thinking of having a good quality (and custom) explainer video! Commonplace means no personality, and a lack of distinction can be harmful to your brand.

2) This Is a Generic Brand Video, by Dissolve

Talking about distinction (or lack of it), here is the big book of what you should avoid if you actually have something to communicate to your audience. If you don’t, well, then just don’t think about having a marketing video just yet!

The awesome thing about this fake marketing video is that it actually is a real marketing video by the footage company Disolve. It was inspired by an article written by Kendra Eash, This Is a Generic Brand Video. The minute the people at Dissolve saw it, they took it as a script to make the generic brand video and, no surprise, they already had all the footage they needed.

So here’s the statement: whatever the message, Dissolve has footage to cater to your needs. But please, do say something in your video!

3) Pied Piper, by Wezank

Actually this one would be so great if it existed! But nope, it is also fake. It is based on the product developed in the awesome (and fictitious) TV series Silicon Valley.

The great thing about this video is that it is extremely catchy from the beginning. It starts by making us imagine we could shrink all of our belongings to our convenience. What? Is that real? Well, it would be, but only concerning your digital files and if you lived in the world of the Silicon Valley series!

By making this funny explainer video, Wezank showcases how they get things done. Cool!

4) Exploozy, by Planet Nutshell

And the lastly in this case is not the least, but the best (yeah, we did want your tongue to get tied). Why is this? Because it’s an explainer video about making an easy, fast, free explainer video! Which actually is… err… impossible (if you want a quality one, that is).

Could the outcome be more awful? That was a fantastic April Fool’s joke made by production video company Planet Nuthsell to explain that, well, magic is not real. But great marketing is! So when thinking about your next explainer video, be sure to choose the best production company for your needs.


How do you feel about these fake corporate videos? Were you tricked by one such as these? Let us know it in the comments section below! We’ll confess, we were actually pretty enthusiastic about Pied Piper. *wink*

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