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You might have never thought about it, but did you know that the explainer video production process has a lot of similarities with traditional movie productions? Not only regarding the cinematic elements but also the structure itself. The storyboard, for instance, is one of those key stages in every animated explainer video production process through which you can see a pre-visualization of the main actions and elements that will appear on screen.

Just like in movies (in which some directors like to add more -or less- detail to the storyboard, make it colorful or just in black and white, take by take or by scene, etc.), the choice of the style of your explainer video storyboard and the way it's done will determine the whole production and even the feel that the final cut will have.

Movie storyboards and explainer video storyboards are pretty similar! That's why we thought about sharing with you some awesome examples of famous movie storyboards so that you can start identifying the elements they have in common (while listing some awesome movies to watch this weekend, of course).

Which film will you choose for this Saturday night? :)


Gone With The Wind (1939)

Director: Victor Fleming

Storyboard Artist: William Cameron Menzies


Psycho (1960)

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Artist: Saul Bass


Jaws (1975)

Director: Steven Spielberg

Artist: Joe Alves


Taxi Driver (1976)

Director / Artist: Martin Scorsese


Star Wars (1977)

Director: George Lucas

Artist: Joe Johnston


Apocalypse Now (1979)

Director:Francis Ford Coppola

Artist: Dean Tavoularis


Jurassic Park (1993)

Director: Steven Spielberg

Storyboard Artist: David Lowery


Forrest Gump  (1994)

Director: Robert Zemeckis

Artist: Chris Bonura


Spider-Man 2 (2004)

Director: Sam Raimi

Artist: Chris Buchinski


Inception (2010)

Director: Christopher Nolan

Storyboard Artist: Gabriel Hardman

Video production is such a fascinating world! Have you already checked out these 5 great video marketing campaigns that went viral and achieved some amazing results? You can also review how “The Simpsons” make great use of explainer video techniques. Have fun and stay tuned for more great information!

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