It’s finally Friday! The best day of the week to have some fun watching -or let’s face it, binge-watching- your favorite shows on Netflix. But before you discover what’s new, did you know some of the series you already love make  great use of explainer video techniques?

Watch them in a whole new light after reading this article!


1. The Simpsons - Getting into your target’s shoes

Master of classics, The Simpsons definitely know how to ironize American culture. Have you ever thought that one of the qualities that makes them the best is their deep understanding of their target audience? With such accurate descriptions, it is impossible not to laugh!

This knowledge is also applied in the parts of the show where they explain something onscreen. Just watch this example:

See? It is no coincidence that Troy McClure is not only a typical Hollywood star, but also that in this particular video he is representing a cowboy, the classic figure that is super familiar to America’s idea of agriculture.

On top of that, the clip depicts what  an animated marketing video does, which is to take on the  buyer persona: the little kid who is hungry for a meal is the one who represents the target audience of this parody. By asking about his owns doubts and concerns, the little kid helps the story develop smoothly as the typical questions kids have about eating meat are answered.

If you look closely, explainer videos do this as well!

2. Characters and structure - The Simpsons

As you know, education is a key aspect of marketing videos! Again, it is The Simpsons who hit the nail on the head by taking advantage of another explainer video technique: using character animation to communicate what is being portrayed by the narrator.

Here, the different components that help create nuclear power are anthropomorphized to make the animation not only funnier, but also clearer. Antropo… what? Anthropomorphization! It is the resource of giving human-like qualities to nonhuman beings. In this case, it is the cowboy atom Smilin' Joe Fission, the uranium 235 rods and even nuclear waste.

On top of that, this video makes use of a similar narrative structure: it presents the problem, introduces the solution and explains why the described resolution is the most convenient.

Tip: If you want to know more about explainer video structure, take a look at this infographic.

3. Turning figures into graphs - Pinky & The Brain

If you were trying to capture an impossible to capture running bird , it would help to have a graphic representation of how you’re planning to do so! Well, this is something Wile E. Coyote was pretty proficient at: 


That was fun! Do you know any other TV shows that make use of explainer video techniques? Be sure to share them with us in the comments section below.

And now we will use these lines to remind you: it’s Friday! You are fully invited to keep chillin’ on our Facebook page. Have an awesome weekend!



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