Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-GOOD-FAST-CHEAP-thumbnailSo you’re looking for a high-quality animated marketing video, but you have a limited budget and besides you need to have it ready for… tomorrow! Well that won’t be possible no matter what any animated video production company says. Don’t let anybody fool you and let me explain why this isn’t possible!


As the graphics say, you can choose only two of them to make a great animated marketing video. Let’s see why you can only pick between those two options: 


1. If you want high quality and faster production, it won’t be cheap.


An average animated video production process requires around 8 to 10 professionals (a producer, a creative director or two, illustrators, animators, sound engineers, and so on) and takes between 5 to 8 weeks to be completed (depending on the complexity of the video and the animation technique). So if you need your video in say, 2 weeks with a very good quality finish, you’ll need to pay extra hours to 10 professionals (even on weekends!) and that won’t be cheap at all. However, the results can be outstanding:

2. If you need it faster for cheaper, it won’t be a high-quality video.


Some video companies specialize in making fast and cheap animated videos. Of course, they don’t have good animation quality and they’re usually very similar to each other because they use template characters and recycled graphic elements (You’ve just read that high quality means the work of 8 to 10 professionals, and takes several weeks).

However, a cheaper company can be a good first choice for low-budget startups but bear in mind that they won’t yield the same marketing results as custom animated explainer videos . Audience identification, branding, engagement and other marketings goals can only be accomplished with a custom animated video. 

Anyway, no template or custom video works by magic! It’s necessary to learn how and where to use them to get the results you’re looking for. You can learn how to do this with the help from our eBook: “You Have Your Explainer Video Done… Now What?”.


3. If you want it cheap but with high quality, it won’t come out fast.


We’ve just explained that crafting a professional animated video takes some time. If you don’t want to increase your budget, let the explainer video production company make your video on their own timing. If you rush it, production costs are going to escalate, that’s for sure!


To sum up: the three of them together (quality, cheap and fast) are not possible. If anyone offers to make an animated video with those three ingredients, we believe it’s too good to be true, so be careful!

For further advice on how to compare and check the quality of any video production company, download our eBook “How To Choose The Right Video Production Company” completely free of charge in our Explainer Video Academy, where you can also get our free infographics, educational eBooks and videos and learn everything about the video marketing world.

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