Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-GOOGLE-APP-thumbA few days ago, Google expanded its promotional options for Google Display Network users, introducing in-app marketing video advertising and the results have been awesome so far! Early adopters of the new video app promo ads service have increased their app installs by almost 30%, opening the door for a promising new ground for marketing videos.

Here’s a cool animated video made to promote a mobile app:

Google’s new study stated that marketing videos are the best marketing choice for new Apps, because they increase install rates by 10% on average and also have a 40% lower cost-effective rate, compared with other ad formats.

As we said before, some of the early adopters of Google’s video app promo ads claim to have increased their install rates by almost 30%. They’re effective alright!



Big brands are aware of video’s cost-effective power and have been using them for quite a while now due to their great marketing results.

Google - Calendar App (explainer video)


American Express - Yabbit App (explainer video by Yum Yum Videos)


However, you don’t need to be a famous brand nowadays in order to promote an app with a high-quality animated marketing video. A lot of startups and small businesses are widely using explainer videos to promote their new apps and they’re exactly the kinds of videos that Google is trying to promote.

Here’s one of our videos made to promote an app:


But Google is not the only one that’s turning its efforts towards video marketing.

Facebook made a public announcement recently supporting videos on its newsfeed, and Twitter has launched new promotional services for video. This news means that every major social network is now betting on video marketing!


Today, the question is not whether you need a marketing video or not, but which one do you need and how to make one. But don’t panic yet! Learning about animated explainer videos is not that hard… and we have lots of free educational resources for that purpose!

Let’s begin with “What’s the Best Explainer Video Style for your Business”. In this fun educational video you’ll watch the most popular video styles around and also learn which ones suit better to certain marketing objectives:


Now you have an idea of which video style your business needs. But how about video production? How do you actually make one of these fun animated videos? Well, you can learn the basics over here:


Well, now you’re aware of the best explainer video style and also know how to make one. All that’s left is to pick a good video production company to craft one of them. So here’s our latest eBook to save the day: “How to Choose The Right Explainer Video Company for your Business”.

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