Online video has redesigned “the watching landscape”

Online video has redesigned “the watching landscape” and, consequently, has brought more possibilities to reach your target audience - even more if we consider the flexibility that mobile video has: nowadays, people can watch any video virtually, anytime, anywhere, and on any screen. In this blog post we want to show you how these new video consumption habits can help you meet your audience. Read on!

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Some Primary Data

Before moving on, let me share with you some interesting data. It will certainly help you understand how online video is booming and has also influenced our in-home viewing habits:

-According to a recent study, one in three adults between the ages 18 and 54 use their smartphone as their primary device for watching online video.

Half of YouTube users who watch YouTube videos on their smartphones watch them while at home.

-The time people spend watching YouTube on a TV screen has more than doubled year over year.

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The Study

Going back to our main topic, Google has partnered with Flamingo and Ipsos Connect to conduct a survey and interview customers about how they watch videos and where. It´s a fact that people use different screens for different reasons, including different types of content.

Let's crumble up this data:

- People who watch beauty, fashion, entertainment, and pop culture YouTube videos prefer to watch on their smartphones. Jim and Veronica are good examples of this. "The day after the Oscars, I watched a 'top moments from last night' kind of video on my way to work," comments Jim from New York. "I like watching beauty videos by bloggers on my phone when I'm putting on my own makeup. it's kind of like talking to a friend when I'm getting ready" says Veronica from Chicago. 

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- For travel and food videos, people primarily watch on their desktop or laptop. Kylie from New York comments: "I watched a video about Patagonia on my computer” "I was already on my computer going through some emails and stuff, and it came up in my inbox."

- People still prefer TV for news, sports, and comedy though. 

- For some people that were interviewed, group viewing works best with a larger screen. "We cast a lot when we have people over, mostly just funny or entertaining YouTube videos," says Paul from Chicago. "A big group of our friends will come over and we'll each go around sharing our favorite videos on the TV screen."

Getting The Most Out Of It

And now, the big question: how can you use this information to enhance your marketing efforts? Start by asking yourself if your video marketing strategy is being holistic and if your videos can be seen on all types of devices. This is a good first step to understanding how you're approaching video content. Then, make sure you have a clear idea of what your target audience is, where you find them, and what habits they have. Based on this, think about the best format, length and channel to provide them with your content.

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Source: Google

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