Trick or treat?

The scariest day of the year is finally here, and at Yum Yum Videos we are so hyped about all the amazing characters that the love of fear has gifted us along the years, that we are treating you with an awesome and blood-thirsty Halloween special!

As we love vampire movies, we will present you with the most representative and influential blood-sucking creatures that have ever appeared on the big screen. Get ready for a journey through the history of bloody tusks!


Director: Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau

Year: 1922

Country: Germany

Actor: Max Schreck

This film is a true gem of German expressionist art.  Look at the long shadows, the unrealistic perspectives and, well… our beloved main character! His pointy nose, large eyes, short neck and long, creepy nails are actually not common characteristics for the main role in a movie.

Because Nosferatu is an unauthorized adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the names and other details in the stories were changed. For instance, count Dracula became Count Orlok. The studio could not obtain the rights to the novel!

1931 Dracula

Director: Tod Browning

Year: 1931

Country: USA

Actor: Bela Lugosi

In 1931, we saw the vampire as we know him most nowadays. Super combed and shiny hair, dark red lips and ultra-pale, perfect skin. Scary, but still handsome! Another key addition is his cape, which is the symbol for Dracula.

Did you know that Bela was actually not the movie’s first choice of an actor?  Lon Chaney was an experienced performer and Browning’s only option! Unfortunately, he died of throat cancer in 1930 before production began. Ian Keith was considered afterwards, but didn't make it either. As you can see, Universal was not at all interested in Lugosi playing Dracula, but had to settle: after all, Lugosi was quite cheap for the studio!

1958 Dracula

Director: Terence Fisher

Year: 1958

Country: USA

Actor: Christopher Lee

It is obvious that Christopher Lee not only played an amazing part as the most beloved vampire, but also his overall appearance is quite similar. Well, okay… it is true that this Dracula is scarier! Christopher Lee’s maleficent vampire is now as bloody as can be. Look at that blood dripping mouth and those red bloodshot eyes!

Did you know that the cape worn by Christopher Lee for the film was discovered in 2007 in a London costume shop during its annual inventory-taking? It had been missing for 30 years, and is believed to be worth around $50,000. Amazing!

Bram Stoker's Dracula

Director: Francis Ford Coppola

Year: 1992

Country: USA

Actor: Gary Oldman

For his personal approach to Dracula, Coppola was pretty personal. He pictured a completely revamped version that was finally incarnated by Gary Oldman: long hair, cool 1990’s style sunglasses and a top hat. When transformed, he is also pretty different. Wrinkly and white-haired, he actually looks odd. We bet the ladies (and some gentlemen) liked the top-hat version better.

Mr. Oldman sure took his personification seriously. It is said that he hired a singing coach to help him achieve a lower voice. He reduced it by an octave to give Dracula a more sinister quality!

Claudia from Interview With The Vampire

Director: Neil Jordan

Year: 1994 

Country: USA

Actress: Kirsten Dunst

Lovely yet creepy as hell! Claudia is the cute-looking blonde girl who can suck the life out of you. Yes, her golden locks and porcelain face deceive us all.

Although in the novel Claudia is actually a five-year-old girl, Kirsten Dunst was eleven years old when she took the part. Jordan believed a five-year-old was unlikely to portray the emotional depth that a complex character such as Claudia would need.

Edward de Twilight

Director: Catherine Hardwicke

Year: 2008

Country: USA

Actor: Robert Pattinson

This one’s the vampire for the generation Z. Handsome and super modern, Edward nonetheless shares the characteristics of most other vampires: pale, perfectly smooth skin and an intense, glowing stare. In Edward’s case, his eyes actually become darker if he doesn’t feed for long.

Did you know that the original concept for Edward actually came to author Stephenie Meyer in her sleep? In this dream, an “average girl” and a “fantastically beautiful, sparkly ... vampire ... were having an intense conversation in a meadow in the woods.”

And here you have them all! What do you think about the evolution of vampires in movies? At Yum Yum Videos, we actually love what they’ve become! We are keen on getting to know even more vampire characters now that Twilight has helped them come to life again.

Enjoy the rest of this creepy day, be sure to have lots of bloody fun! Bye and boo!

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