Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-ACADEMY-xmas-thumbAre you ready to cheer your Christmas up with the best video marketing content on the web?

Come spend your marketing Christmas at Yum Yum Videos’ Explainer Video Academy: choose your favorite marketing present and improve your 2015 marketing strategy!


Our Academy is the first online spot dedicated exclusively to deliver free educational content about animated explainer videos and video marketing strategies. Every day more and more entrepreneurs, startup owners and online marketers visit the Academy to get our free eBooks, infographics and slides.

Pick your favorite piece of content and place it under your Christmas tree:



The Future of Online Marketing: the Doc learned that, by 2018, 90% of the global Internet traffic will be online video! So we travelled back to the future to learn why video is the future of online marketing. GET THE INFOGRAPHIC.


Why Explainer Videos are the Greatest Marketing Tools: these marketing videos can explain to your audience who you are, what you do and why your potential customers should choose your product or service. Learn their many benefits on SEO, social media and sales! GET THE INFOGRAPHIC.


How to Boost Your Inbound Marketing: inbound marketing is based on creating content to attract visitors to your website, convert them into leads, turn those leads into customers and then into promoters of your brand. Learn how animated marketing videos can boost every one of these steps! GET THE INFOGRAPHIC.


How to Make an Explainer Video Step-by-Step: the video production process is quite complex. From scriptwriting and storytelling to animation and voice-overs, everything must flow effectively in order to archive the best result possible. Learn how the video production process works, step by step! GET THE INFOGRAPHIC.




1. How to Improve Your Marketing Campaign: a beginner’s guide to learn why these videos have the power to reach any target audience on an emotional level, while increasing online visibility, conversions and sales. DOWNLOAD IT HERE for free.


2. The Ultimate Marketing Tool: a starter guide to learn how to choose the best style of marketing video for your business, how these videos are made, and how you can integrate them into your online campaigns. DOWNLOAD IT HERE for free.


3. You Have Your Explainer Video Done… Now What?: a more specific guide to find the best online spots to place and promote your animated marketing video, learn best practices for video SEO and metrics to measure the video’s performance. DOWNLOAD IT HERE for free.


4. How to Choose the Right Explainer Video Company for Your Business: a marketing-oriented eBook to guide you through the final decision process: how to choose the right animated video production company for your business, plus budget considerations, quality and expertise comparison and more. DOWNLOAD IT HERE for free.


5. How to Write a Great Script for Your Marketing Video: coming soon!


Educational Animated Videos

With this educational video, you’ll learn to recognize the most popular video styles in just 2 minutes! And not only that: you’ll also be able to easily pick which one would suit your brand the best.


Give your Christmas a boost with the best video marketing content! Visit our Explainer Video Academy on a regular basis in 2015 to find more great eBooks and infographics, plus slides and educational videos.

Help us spread the word by sharing this knowledge on your favorite social networks; and Happy Christmas from the Yum Yum Videos’ team!

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